In the past few decades, in the world, especially in developed and developing countries, an important event has been observed is the rapid growth of technology startups, which also applies to India. Contrary to traditional/modern manufacturing and service companies. , They will not be everywhere. The main feature of these technology start-ups is that they mostly originated in urban areas, and these areas have little support in terms of market, finance, and human resources.

In other words, develop the entrepreneurial spirit of technology startups where there is an entrepreneurial ecosystem that contains the key elements that support the creation and growth of enterprises. However, an urgent question arises: What determines the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the economy? Who understands the system? How do you support technology startups?

Bangalore is unique among all technological entrepreneurship centers in India, while Hyderabad is a group of its rival Bangalore, for several reasons. Today, these two cities are among the most active cities in the world. Both companies have a large Fortune 500 company base (belonging to the IT and BT industries) and therefore have a large number of “R&D personnel. “The growing workforce is mainly composed of well-trained and skilled employees. Bangalore is recognized as the global start-up center, while Hyderabad is the “inevitable” start-up center. In the mid-1980s, vibrant modern industrial clusters including mechanical engineering and electronics industries emerged in both cities. In addition, both cities have become the core of the country’s “modern industry, modern education, and scientific and technical personnel”.

Obviously, educated laborers flock to these cities to develop their own careers. This led to the emergence and development of information technology, followed by the BT industry and BT in Bangalore, and then the information technology industry in Hyderabad. The positive role of public order in these events is obvious. It used to be a private company (with support from the local government). It played an important role in the subsequent emergence of the Bangalore IT cluster in the late 1980s.

After that, the local government (actively responding to the private sector) played an active role in the emergence and development of the Hyderabad IT cluster. 1990s and beyond. Then in the late nineties. Subsequently, an “affiliated R&D cluster” was established in Bangalore, and in Hyderabad, such a cluster was established at least five years later.

Generally, three different but overlapping stages can be considered as the basis for the development of a “visible business ecosystem” for the technology startup centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad. However, in some cases, Bangalore outperforms Hyderabad, which gives Bangalore a clear advantage over the latter, and is recognized as a “technological entrepreneurship center” in India and other regions.

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