Solwezi Sandangombe School renovation enhances Learning Space

Anthony Fulwe says the renovation of Sandangombe school will enable learners to have a habitable learning space

Zambia (Solwezi): Solwezi District Commissioner Anthony Fulwe says the renovation of one of the oldest schools in the district called “Sandangombe” will enable learners to have a habitable learning space.

Fulwe added that using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), desks have also been procured for the school, which was built in the 1950s.


He said positive strides have been made in the education sector to increase equitable access to quality education to enhance human capacity for sustainable national development.

Further, Fulwe says some notable achievements include the construction and completion of classroom blocks in addition to teachers’ houses.

He added that some learning facilities have been rehabilitated to provide a clean and conducive learning environment.

Fulwe further revealed that a one-by-three classroom block is earmarked for construction to increase classroom space.

The Sandangombe School’s Senior Teacher, Evans Makayi, expressed gratitude to the government for prioritizing development in the local communities.

He said CDF is a game changer that has brought massive development in the outskirts of the Central Business District.


Makayi has, however, appealed to the government to hasten the process of connecting the learning facility to the national power grid to enable them to have access to electricity.

Meanwhile, Glaness Chikomena, a committee member of the Parents Teachers Committee (PTC), also appealed to the government for the construction of a secondary school.

She said that the lack of a secondary school in the community poses a lot of challenges for the girl children to access learning facilities due to the long distances they have to cover.

Information and Media Director spokesperson Henry Kapata assured the school authorities that their concerns have been noted and will be escalated to the relevant authorities.

‘‘Our presence here represents government and we are here to monitor the implementation of government developmental projects and its impact on the communities. Be rest assured that all the concerns raised will be intensified,’’ Kapata said.

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