Ifeanyi Ejiofor criticises SSS for derogatory tweets against Maxwell Opara

Ifeanyi Ejiofor offered his opinion regarding the unprofessional, defamatory tweets of State Security Services (SSS). They made the tweets to renowned human rights advocate Maxwell Opara.

Renown, Human Right Advocate, International Law Expert, Arbitrator, Expert in criminal jurisprudence, constitutional lawyer, and general legal practice, Ifeanyi Ejiofor offered his opinion regarding the unprofessional, defamatory tweets of State Security Services (SSS). They made the tweets to renowned human rights advocate Maxwell Opara.

He stated that he is stopping himself from commenting on the obvious defamatory and oppressive publications by the State Security Services (SSS). He refuses to believe such utterly ridiculous and malicious tweets could emanate from such a government establishment.


It is almost inconceivable that the SSS, Nigeria’s supposed secret Police, would condescend to such a lowly level of social media “woo-woo”. However, he asserted that it did not surprise him.

Unfortunately, the SSS’ tweets under reference have further exposed to the world that even we, lawyers, who are discharging our constitutional and professional duties in offering our legal services to clients, IPOB inclusive, are not immune from the SSS conspiracy. They are prone to profile us as dangerous citizens, blacklist us as such, and consequently, portray us in a very bad light.

Shamefully, Ifeanyi Ejiofor stated that this sad reality stares us in the face under this undemocratic institution. Further, he stated that It never occurred to the SSS that Maxwell Opara, in this context, is duty-bound. He has the protection to offer legal services to anyone seeking the same from him. This is regardless of the person’s ethnic, political or religious affiliation/background.

Unfortunately, under the headship of its current leadership, the SSS has turned itself into an anti-democratic institution. They maintain no respect for the Rule of Law and constituted authorities.

Ifeanyi Ejiofor stated that the current leadership of the SSS is infamous and well-known for their serial violation/disobedience of Court Judgments and Orders with impunity. They are notable for perpetuating enforced disappearances of innocent and unarmed citizens – live cases abound.

Otherwise, how could one explain that, until now, the SSS, under the current leadership, has yet to obey the Orders of a Court of competent jurisdiction, the Court of Appeal, that directed the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu?


Today, three of my wards, namely: Felix Okonkwo, Okafor Lawrence Ugochukwu and Ikenna Chibuike are still languishing in the custody of the SSS. They have not committed any offence known to law. Further They are there even though they are free by the Orders of the Federal High Court, Awka.

Unfortunately, the SSS has recently clandestinely relocated these three of my wards to Wawa Barracks, Niger State, to erase any trace of their illegal detention at the SSS facility in Abuja. This was a sequel to the alarm that I raised on their continued illegal and unconstitutional detention at the facility of the SSS in Abuja.

Furthermore, the orders of the Federal High Court, Awka, direct the SSS and its Director General to identify and prosecute their officers that were a part of the murderous invasion of my ancestral home in Oraifite on the 6th of June 2021. It followed a brutal and gruesome murder of my Personal Assistant- Late Samuel Okoro, has not been obeyed till date.

On this note. he called on President Tinubu-led Government to speedily carry out a total overhaul of the lawless institution called “SSS”. He stated that the first step should start with immediately removing their headship to give way for a neutral and democratic citizen to take over and sanitize that institution.

We stand in solidarity with Maxwell Opara and now demand the immediate investigation of the sordid and offending tweets emanating from the State Security Service’s platform, being serviced with our hard-earned taxpayer’s money.

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