Dominica: Roland Royer hands over home keys to Housing Programme Beneficiary at Savanne Paille

Roland Royer, visited his parliamentary constituency, Savanne Paille, to carry out the government of Dominica's Housing Revolution Programme. 

The Minister of Agriculture, fisheries, and the blue economy in the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Roland Royer, visited his parliamentary constituency, Savanne Paille, to carry out the government of Dominica’s Housing Revolution Programme. 

Under the said initiative, Minister Royer visited the Savanne Paille community to give the family of Ashton Alexander the keys to their new home. The Minister shared the update on the development on his official social media account. As per Minister Royer, The family of Ashton Alexander moved into their new home earlier in the week. 


Minister Roland Royer shared in the update post that Ashton Alexander was one of the victims of the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. He lost his house due to the natural disaster. Following this, the government of Dominica decided to provide him and many other victims of the hurricane with a home and shelter of their own. 

Meanwhile, the Minister of Agriculture fisheries and the blue economy extended his gratitude to the various agencies who assisted in the successful implementation of the Housing Revolution Programme, including Harris Paints Dominica Ltd., Bethelmie’s Carpet Supply and J. Astaphan & Co. Ltd. He thanked them for their kind contribution towards the initiative. 

He also expressed his gratitude to Elton Daniel, Ashton Mason, Allyne Valarie and Greg Francois for displaying the spirit of ‘coudmeh’ as we did the finishing works on the housing unit. The Minister of Agriculture also shared glimpses of the finishing work on the housing unit.

Several Social media users took the opportunity to applaud the Minister of Agriculture for sharing the update and taking the initiative to work for the benefit of the people of his constituency. One social media user addressed Minister Royer as a hands on Minister while another user expressed their excitement for the family of Ashton Alaxender. 

A social media user wrote: it was time the elderly man got some comfort. Since hurricane maria, he has endured the discomfort of the community centre

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