Nigerian Navy Rescues 250 Passengers from Capsized Boat in Rivers State

The boat, mainly transporting traders, departed from Sangana's local market but struck a wreck, damaging its hull. This led to its capsizing, endangering the lives of passengers amid turbulent waters

In a daring rescue operation, naval personnel averted a potential tragedy in Rivers State as they saved 250 individuals from a capsized passenger boat. 



The incident occurred in the late hours of Monday, April 28, 2024, when the MV PRECIOUS EMMANUEL, a locally made, 3-deck wooden vessel, encountered stormy waters midway through its journey from the Sangana area of Bayelsa State to Rivers State.


According to reports from Vanguard, the boat, primarily carrying traders, departed from a local market in Sangana but ran into trouble as it navigated through turbulent waters. Striking a wreck that damaged its hull, the boat ultimately capsized, putting the lives of its passengers at grave risk.


Fortunately, swift action by personnel from the Naval Security Station (NSS) 023, deployed along the Cawthorne Channel, prevented a potential catastrophe. 



Director of InformationCommodore Aiwuyor Adams-Aliu, praised the vigilant eyes and professional response of the naval personnel, highlighting that their timely intervention ensured no lives were lost.


It was revealed that the ill-fated boat lacked essential lifesaving equipment, including lifejackets, further emphasizing the critical need for safety measures in maritime operations. 


Commodore Adams-Aliu stressed the importance of equipping vessels with proper safety gear and urged maritime operators to prioritize the provision and utilization of such equipment to safeguard lives at sea.


The successful rescue mission aligns with the Strategic Directive of the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla, which emphasizes the creation of a safe and secure maritime environment in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea. 


The Nigerian Navy reaffirmed its commitment to securing the nation’s maritime space, from inland waterways to the outermost limits of the Exclusive Economic Zone, to facilitate legitimate business activities and ensure the safety of all maritime stakeholders.


In response to this incident, the Nigerian Navy issued a stern reminder to all maritime operators about the importance of adhering to safety protocols and regulations. 


The rescue serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by those who rely on maritime transportation and underscores the crucial role of vigilant and well-equipped naval forces in safeguarding lives and ensuring maritime security.


As investigations into the cause of the capsizing continue, the Nigerian Navy remains dedicated to enhancing safety measures and promoting a culture of maritime safety among all stakeholders. 


The successful rescue operation stands as a testament to the professionalism and dedication of Nigeria’s naval personnel in protecting lives and preserving maritime security.


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