Lagos-Ogun Collaboration Extends Blue Line Rail Project to Agbara

Speaking on Tuesday in Lagos, Okusaga expressed satisfaction with the advancements made thus far and unveiled discussions underway with Ogun State authorities to stretch the Blue Line to Agbara

April 18, 2024- Lagos, Nigeria: In a significant development for transportation infrastructure in Nigeria, the Lagos State Government is forging a collaborative effort with the Ogun State government to extend the Blue Rail Line further down to Agbara.

This announcement came to light during an inspection of the ongoing construction of the Blue Line Phase 2 project in Lagos.


Olasukanmi Okusaga, the Director of Rail Transport at the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority, shared insights into the progress of the project.

Speaking on Tuesday in Lagos, Okusaga expressed satisfaction with the advancements made thus far and unveiled discussions underway with Ogun State authorities to stretch the Blue Line to Agbara.

The project, entrusted to the expertise of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, was awarded in 2023 with a timeline of three years for completion.

It encompasses the establishment of six stations at strategic locations including FESTAC, Alakija, Trade Fair, Volkswagen, LASU, and Okokomaiko.

Additionally, three vital bridges are planned at Maza Maza, Satellite Town, and LASU, spanning a total of 14 kilometers. Notably, plans are underway for the construction of a depot in Okokomaiko to bolster operational efficiency.

In a related announcement made last December, the Lagos State government revealed that the second phase of the Blue Line Rail project, connecting Mile 2 to Okoko, is on track for completion by 2027.


Mrs. Abimbola Akinajo, the Managing Director of Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, shared this update during a press conference commemorating the agency’s 20th anniversary.

She highlighted the commendable patronage of the rail system, with 400,000 passengers recorded as of November 29. Notably, Akinajo underscored the seamless service operations, emphasizing the absence of delays since the commencement of commercial operations.

The extension of the Blue Line Rail project to Agbara signifies a significant stride towards enhancing connectivity and accessibility within the Lagos metropolitan area and its environs.

With urbanization on the rise and increasing demands on transportation infrastructure, initiatives like these serve as critical pillars for sustainable development.

The collaboration between Lagos and Ogun states underscores the importance of regional cooperation in addressing shared challenges and unlocking opportunities for economic growth and social progress.

Transportation remains a cornerstone of urban development, facilitating the movement of people and goods while catalyzing economic activities.

The extension of the Blue Line Rail project holds the promise of easing congestion on road networks, reducing travel time, and fostering a more efficient mode of public transportation.

Furthermore, it is poised to stimulate investment and development along the rail corridor, unleashing new prospects for businesses and communities alike.

As construction progresses and plans materialize, stakeholders anticipate the transformative impact of the extended Blue Line Rail project on the socio-economic landscape of Lagos and Ogun states.

With concerted efforts and strategic partnerships, the vision of a robust and interconnected transportation network continues to unfold, ushering in a new era of mobility and progress for Nigeria’s burgeoning urban centers.


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