Delta Community Residents Allege Torture by Soldiers; One Dead, Others Suffering Severe Injuries

Major General Ugbo, Chief of Civil-Military Affairs, addressing the Nigerian Army Civil-Military Cooperation Media Chat in Asaba, acknowledges recovered arms from slain soldiers, stressing efforts to find remaining weapons and perpetrators

In a harrowing tale of alleged military brutality, residents of the Olota community in Delta State recount tales of torture, with one villager losing his life and others left with debilitating injuries.

The incident, which occurred during a military operation in response to the killing of 17 soldiers in the Okuama community on March 14, has sparked outrage and demands for justice.


Joseph Willie, a resident of Olota, succumbed to injuries inflicted during the military raid. Witnesses claim he was subjected to torture and brutality by soldiers searching for pilfered arms and ammunition.

Another victim, Reuben Awanriarere, now suffers from impaired hearing due to damage to his eardrums, while Okwagbe Ebirie is unable to walk after enduring severe beatings.

Speaking at the Nigerian Army Civil-Military Cooperation Media Chat in Asaba, Major General Nosakhare Ugbo, Chief of Civil-Military Affairs, acknowledged the recovery of some arms and ammunition taken from slain soldiers. He emphasized ongoing efforts to locate the remaining weapons and individuals responsible for the soldiers’ deaths.

Addressing concerns over media restrictions in the Okuama community, Ugbo justified the limitations, citing the area as a crime scene under investigation. He urged against interference to ensure the integrity of the inquiry.

Regarding the safety of the detained Ovie of Ewu Kingdom, HRM Clement Ikolo, Ugbo, assured the public of ongoing interrogation and emphasized Operation Delta Safe’s role in maintaining security in the region.

The allegations of torture and the resulting casualties have ignited calls for accountability and transparency in military operations.


Community leaders and human rights advocates demand a thorough investigation into the conduct of soldiers and appropriate action against those found responsible for the excessive use of force.

Civil society organizations have condemned the reported abuses, emphasizing the need for adherence to human rights standards in all security operations. They call for mechanisms to prevent future instances of violence and ensure accountability for violations.

The military operation’s tragic outcome underscores the complex challenges faced by security forces in the region and the need for more excellent dialogue and cooperation between military authorities and local communities.

As investigations continue and the full extent of the incident is revealed, stakeholders await answers and justice for the victims of alleged military brutality.

The outcome of the inquiry will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for military-civilian relations and efforts to address security threats in Delta State and beyond.

In the wake of this disturbing episode, the voices of the affected community members serve as a reminder of the enduring importance of upholding human rights and dignity, even in the face of security challenges.


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