EFCC Arrests 36 Suspected Internet Fraudsters in Ogun State Raid

According to a statement released by the EFCC's Ibadan Zonal Command, the arrests were made on Monday, February 26, 2024, following meticulous intelligence gathering and swift action by the commission's operatives

In a relentless crackdown on cybercrime, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has struck again, this time apprehending 36 individuals suspected of engaging in internet fraud.

The operation, which unfolded in the Gbokoniyin and Yetedo areas of Abeokuta, Ogun State, marks another significant milestone in the agency’s ongoing efforts to curb illicit online activities.


According to a statement released by the EFCC’s Ibadan Zonal Command, the arrests were made on Monday, February 26, 2024, following meticulous intelligence gathering and swift action by the commission’s operatives.

The suspects, allegedly involved in various forms of cyber-related crimes, were swiftly taken into custody, pending further investigations.

The agency disclosed that among the seized items were nine vehicles, 14 laptops, 49 mobile phones, and several incriminating documents.

These seizures underscore the scale and sophistication of the alleged criminal operations carried out by the apprehended individuals.

This recent operation underscores the EFCC’s commitment to combating cybercrime across Nigeria, with a particular focus on dismantling organized networks perpetrating fraudulent activities.

The agency has been leveraging intelligence gathering and collaboration with other law enforcement agencies to identify and apprehend individuals involved in cyber-related offenses.


The EFCC reiterated its determination to prosecute the suspects in accordance with the law, emphasizing that they would face charges once investigations are concluded.

This resolute stance sends a clear message to perpetrators of cybercrime that their illicit activities will not go unpunished.

This latest development comes on the heels of a similar raid conducted by the EFCC in Makurdi, Benue State, where 14 individuals suspected of internet fraud were apprehended at a so-called “Yahoo Academy.”

Operatives from the Makurdi Zonal Command raided a training center allegedly dedicated to grooming internet fraud trainees, further exposing the depth of the cybercrime phenomenon in Nigeria.

The EFCC’s continued crackdown on cybercrime reflects the growing recognition of the significant threat it poses to individuals, businesses, and the overall integrity of the digital economy.

As technology advances, so too do the methods employed by cybercriminals, necessitating a proactive and multifaceted response from law enforcement agencies.

While the EFCC’s efforts are commendable, experts emphasize the need for broader initiatives aimed at addressing the root causes of cybercrime, including education, cybersecurity awareness campaigns, and enhanced collaboration between the public and private sectors.

As Nigeria strives to position itself as a leading player in the digital economy, combating cybercrime remains a critical priority.

The EFCC’s recent operation underscores the importance of concerted efforts to safeguard the integrity of cyberspace and uphold the rule of law in the digital age.

As investigations into the arrested suspects continue, the EFCC remains vigilant in its pursuit of justice, sending a clear message that cybercriminals will be held accountable for their actions.


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