Nigeria’s Basketball Federation in Crisis Again: D’Tigers Forced to Forfeit Afrobasket Qualifiers

With the first qualifying window for the 2025 Men's Afrobasket fast approaching on February 23-25, 2023, Nigeria's 2015 African champions, the D'Tigers, will be notably absent from the court

The Nigerian Basketball Federation finds itself embroiled in yet another crisis, casting a shadow over the nation’s basketball aspirations.

With the first qualifying window for the 2025 Men’s Afrobasket fast approaching on February 23-25, 2023, Nigeria’s 2015 African champions, the D’Tigers, will be notably absent from the court.


Citing a dire lack of resources, the Federation announced via social media channels that the government’s coffers could not support the financial demands of the campaign.

This declaration leaves fans disheartened and players stranded, as a number of athletes who represented Nigeria at the 2020 Olympics had expressed their unwavering commitment to participate in the qualifiers.

Grouped in Tunisia’s Group B alongside Cape Verde, Uganda, and Libya, Nigeria’s withdrawal from the qualifiers deals a significant blow to the team’s chances of securing a spot in Afrobasket 2025.

The absence of the D’Tigers means forfeiting three crucial games, putting their qualification prospects in jeopardy and leaving a void in the tournament’s lineup.

The decision to withdraw from the qualifiers underscores the ongoing challenges faced by Nigerian basketball, where financial constraints continue to hamper the growth and development of the sport.

Despite the dedication and talent of players willing to represent their nation on the international stage, bureaucratic hurdles and fiscal limitations have once again disrupted Nigeria’s basketball trajectory.


For a nation that boasts a rich basketball heritage and a proud legacy of past achievements, the inability to field a team in such a crucial tournament is a bitter pill to swallow.

The D’Tigers, known for their tenacity and skill, find themselves sidelined not due to a lack of talent or commitment but due to systemic issues beyond their control.

In the wake of this setback, questions loom large over the future of Nigerian basketball and the sustainability of its international endeavors.

While the passion for the sport remains unwavering among fans and players alike, the recurring cycle of financial instability threatens to derail Nigeria’s aspirations on the global basketball stage.

As the basketball community grapples with the repercussions of Nigeria’s withdrawal from the Afrobasket qualifiers, calls for urgent reforms and increased support for the sport echo louder than ever.

The need for sustainable funding mechanisms, transparent governance, and strategic planning has never been more apparent if Nigeria is to reclaim its standing as a powerhouse in African basketball.

In the face of adversity, resilience becomes the hallmark of champions.

As Nigeria navigates through yet another challenging chapter in its basketball journey, hope remains that concerted efforts and decisive actions will pave the way for a brighter future, where the D’Tigers can once again roar on the continental stage with pride and purpose.


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