Ogun State: Police rescues abducted pregnant woman

According to Odutola, the harrowing ordeal unfolded at approximately 11:05 pm on Monday when a group of armed men ambushed a couple in front of their house

Ogun State, Nigeria: In a daring rescue operation, operatives of the Ogun State Police Command successfully rescued a pregnant woman who was abducted on Christmas Day.

The incident took place in a community in Ijebu-Igbo, Ijebu-North Local Government Area of Ogun State.


The confirmation of the rescue came from the Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Omolola Odutola, who briefed the press in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State.

According to Odutola, the harrowing ordeal unfolded at approximately 11:05 pm on Monday when a group of armed men ambushed a couple in front of their house.

Shockingly, the assailants kidnapped the pregnant wife, leaving the husband behind.

Upon receiving a distress call, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in Ijebu-Igbo swiftly assembled a team of policemen to respond to the suspected kidnapping incident.

When they arrived at the scene, the husband was found, providing an account of the chilling incident.

He recounted that as they were entering their house, six armed men emerged from the bush, kidnapping his wife.


The joint rescue effort involved not only the police but also operatives of the So-Safe Corps, Amotekun, and other security agencies.

The dedicated team combed through the bush for hours until they successfully located and rescued the abducted woman on Tuesday.

Subsequently, she was promptly transported to a hospital for necessary medical attention.

In her statement, PPRO Omolola Odutola highlighted a disturbing trend in criminal activities, stating, “Going into communities to kidnap is the new trend now”.

“We have taken over the highways in Ogun. You will see policemen on the road now. But the kidnappers have got into the inner villages to start disturbing.”

This revelation underscores the evolving tactics of criminals who are adapting to law enforcement measures.

Odutola further emphasized the commitment of the Ogun State Police Command, led by Commissioner Abiodun Alamutu, to eradicate criminal elements from the state.

She urged traditional rulers and community leaders to establish internal security measures, reinforcing entry and exit points to their communities.

The call to action includes providing vital information to security agents, as villagers are often better positioned to identify strangers in their communities.

The PPRO assured the public that the police force would not relent until criminals were rooted out of the state, wherever they may be hiding.

“The Ogun State Command under the Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, will not relent until criminals are flushed out of the state, wherever they are,” Odutola declared.

As Ogun State continues to grapple with emerging security challenges, this successful rescue operation serves as a testament to law enforcement agencies’ determination and efficiency in safeguarding citizens’ lives and well-being.

The incident also underscores the need for a collaborative effort between security forces and local communities to ensure a proactive and comprehensive state security approach.


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