Nigeria faces healthcare crisis as over 400 professionals seek greener pastures

The president lamented the reduction in the society's membership, indicating a decline from about 1,200 to 800 members

More than 400 consultant anaesthetists have departed the country in the last two years in pursuit of better opportunities abroad, according to Dr. Olubusola Alagbe-Briggs, President of the Nigerian Society of Anaesthetists.

The revelation came during the society’s 31st annual scientific conference in Gombe on Wednesday.


Dr Alagbe-Briggs highlighted the critical nature of anaesthetists’ services, making them the most sought-after specialists globally.

Their job’s demanding and focused nature has led to a global shortage, with countries actively recruiting professionals from Nigeria and other nations.

The president lamented the reduction in the society’s membership, indicating a decline from about 1,200 to 800 members.

She emphasized the superior quality of Nigerian professionals, asserting that they are highly sought-after internationally.

“Nigerian professionals are the best. They are highly sought-after by other countries.

Medical practitioners and other professionals will continue to emigrate until their welfare and available equipment are improved upon,” she stated.


The ongoing exodus of anaesthetists underscores the need for urgent attention to the working conditions and resources within the Nigerian healthcare system.

Dr Alagbe-Briggs pointed out that the allure of better opportunities abroad and a global shortage of anaesthetists have prompted other nations to pull talent from Nigeria.

To address the growing crisis, she emphasized the importance of improving healthcare professionals’ welfare and ensuring appropriate equipment availability.

These factors, she argued, are pivotal to enhancing medical practice and services within the country.

The annual scientific conference, where these concerns were raised, serves as a platform for continuous learning and knowledge enhancement for society members.

Dr Alagbe-Briggs stressed that investing in the professional development of anaesthetists is crucial for improving healthcare services within Nigeria.

As the nation grapples with the departure of skilled medical professionals, there is a pressing need for policymakers and stakeholders to prioritize reforms that address the root causes of this healthcare brain drain.

Focusing on improving working conditions, providing advanced medical equipment, and enhancing overall welfare could be instrumental in retaining and attracting healthcare talent, preventing further erosion of Nigeria’s healthcare capabilities.


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