CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel intends to maintain exceptional standards of CIP Saint Lucia

CIP Saint Lucia Unit Head, Mc Claude Emmanuel has taken significant steps to maintain the top-of-the-line standards of the island nation.

Castries: The Citizenship by Investment Unit of Saint Lucia, under the leadership of Mc Claude Emmanuel has experienced a remarkable growth and considered as the best-rated programmes in the world.

CIP Unit Head, Emmanuel has taken significant steps to maintain the top-of-the-line standards of the island nation. Launched in 2016, the programme hasn’t even completed a decade yet, however, it remains one of the preferred choices for the high-net-worth individuals.


The programme has become as the most appealing option among the investors, which offers them various benefits and opportunities including, connectivity to major business hubs, political stability, business expansion, invest with efficiency, safe and secure business environment, among others.

Emmanuel keeps a special focus on the strict due diligence procedures and robust background checks. Under this process, the background of every individual is thoroughly checked before granting or rejecting the citizenship for the transparency.

Noting this, this process ensures the credibility of the CIP Saint Lucia. The CIP Unit Head has taken remarkable steps for the success of the programme. The success of CIP is a proof of Emmanuel’s unwavering dedication regarding the growth of the programme.

The Citizenship by Investment programme offers investors an array of opportunities to expand their businesses beyond the borders of their own country, which will enable them to diversify their income and investment portfolio.

The team of the CIP Saint Lucia, under the assistance of Mc Claude Emmanuel is working diligently to promote their offerings across the world and fulfil the needs of the investors.

He has framed a strategy to maintain the reputation of the programme among high-net-worth individuals and potential stakeholders.


Under the leadership and assistance of Emmanuel, the Citizenship by Investment Programme touched the peak and clinched the 3rd rank in the CBI Index. CIP Unit Head expressed his commitment to work tirelessly for the upliftment of the programme.

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