Ernest Hilaire to provide assistance to CDF, aims to boost aspiring creatives

Ernest Hilaire expressed his delight at being part of the cultural development project and shared his vision to support to CDF in forthcoming budget presentation later this month.

Castries: The Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Dr Ernest Hilaire expressed his delight at being part of the cultural development project and shared his vision to support to Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) in forthcoming budget presentation.

This project aims to promote and foster the talent and creativity of the citizens who aspires to become artists. For this purpose, the government extended their support through several initiatives and programmes.


DY PM Hilaire, who is also serving as a Minister for Tourism that CDF will boost the lives of aspiring creatives and encouraged them to work for the development of the community.

The tourism minister took to his official social media handle (Facebook) to share the update of his plans to uplift the sector in his upcoming budget presentation later this month.

“I take pride in the fact that the government I am part of prioritises our cultural development. The Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) is a key development agency that enriches the lives and livelihood of our aspiring creatives through various capacity enhancement initiatives and programmes”, DY PM Hilaire said in his Facebook post.

For this purpose, Minister Hilaire exchanged dialogues with the Senior leadership at the Cultural Development Foundation, with primary focus on the adjustments of the support packages.

DY PM Hilaire has promised to significantly expand the CDF, building on last year’s gains. This will provide access to various capacity building programmes and resources that will take their talents to new heights.

Tourism Minister of Saint Lucia has always been constant in providing support to various agencies and contribute consistently in the overall development of the island nation. He has also actively taken an interest in various community affairs.


Such stances of initiatives reflect upon his unwavering commitment and dedication towards the welfare of the country.

Additionally, CDF is the agency that plays a vital role in aligning the dreams of cultural and creative individuals, groups, communities, policy makers and civil society. Through the implementation of Saint Lucia‘s National Cultural Policy, they strive to turn the aspirations of aspiring artists into reality.

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