Michael Ogueke believes There are only two tribes- Masses & Elites

Michael Ogueke has taken to his social media to all out baseless discrimination and differences based on religion and tribe.

Nigerian Author, political economist and social media user Professor Michael Ogueke has taken to his social media to all out baseless discrimination and differences based on religion and tribe. Professor Ogueke believes that the only people who benefit from the religious and tribal divide are the elites. He pointed out that this situation is not limited to Nigeria but extends to Africa and the world. 

Accordingly, he has called out to the masses, saying: There are only two tribes in Nigeria, Africa & indeed the world — the Elites and the Masses.


Elaborating on this point, Professor Ogueke believes that The Elites are united & marry each other irrespective of tribe & religion. They do this to protect the delusion of their class from the ignorant masses. He believes that The Elites have no faith or tribe. At the same time, he noted that this is the very reason they continue to prosper and dominate power & the national treasury utilizing exploiting the Masses.

On the other hand, Michael Ogueke noted that The Masses in Nigeria, in their primitive ignorance & self-delusion, divided themselves into 350 ethnic groups. These groups have imposed two major religions on themselves. They also fragmented their division into countless denominations. Later, he noted that The masses of Nigeria ceaselessly hurt, hate, curse & slaughter each other based on “non-existent” tribes. 

Further, Ogueke believes that these are products of their inherited imaginations. He also argued that the people of Nigeria had created tribes on behalf of a God who is more than capable of defending Himself & who has not sent them to hurt, hate, curse or kill each other.

As a result, the people of Nigeria have created a heritage of poverty for the Masses. This haritage leads to a vicious unbreakable circle of violence against each other.

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