Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah contributes ₦175M to youth startups, gets praised

The Senator of Nigeria, Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who sits in the senate of Nigeria as a representative of the Anambra South senatorial district has donated around One hundred and seventy-five million naira (₦175,000,000) towards Anambra youths. 

He divided the amount among three hundred and fifty (350) youths from Anambra South for small business start-ups. They each got five hundred thousand Naira (₦500,000) from the Senator. 


Although the amount comes to a whopping total of ₦175 Million such acts of generosity are not unheard of from the South Anambra Senator. He considers investments in the development of the human resource of Nigeria as one of the most successful investments.

His act of generosity towards the youth population of South Anambra state is receiving a lot of positive reactions. Anambra state students and youngsters have come out to their social media profiles to share their appreciation. 

One such student, digital content creator and resident of Anambra has taken to his Facebook account to share his views about Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah‘s gesture. In the Facebook post, He wrote There’s less or nothing to be astonished about Senator’s kind gesture. 

He detailed the businessman and politician’s contribution towards the development of Human resources in the state. Meanwhile, he also revealed that Nigeria knows Ubah to make such contributions from “Time Immemorial”

Years back, the Distinguished Senator took a good number of youths to Turkey, Russia, Dubai and so on, on vacations solely sponsored by him, which randomly helped most of them after then to achieve the fit to be called a Man Of Repute.

Facebook user Nwafor Chukwubuikem expressed his gratitude to the Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, addressing him as the Most Distinguished Senator of Anambra Extraction.


Further, in his post, he called out the other leaders of Nigeria, saying that they only made money and did not serve the nation. He claimed that they didn’t care.

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