Nigeria: Bullgod suggests Ghanaian musicians to prioritize TikTok

In a bold declaration, artiste manager and entertainment pundit Bullgod has urged Ghanaian musicians to reject the notion of seeking recognition in Nigeria and instead focus on promoting their music on the global stage through TikTok

Lagos, Nigeria: In a bold declaration, artiste manager and entertainment pundit Bullgod has urged Ghanaian musicians to reject the notion of seeking recognition in Nigeria and instead focus on promoting their music on the global stage through TikTok.

This stance comes in response to Nigerian promoter Adesope Olajide’s call for Ghanaian musicians to consider Lagos as a secondary promotional hub.


Bullgod vehemently dismissed the idea of physically travelling to Nigeria, emphasizing the digital era’s transformative power. He emphasized that in 2023, the internet will provide artists with an unparalleled platform to showcase their work globally.

The artiste manager discouraged the notion that Nigerian promotion is essential for success, asserting, “This is 2023; let nobody come and tell us that we need to go to Nigeria to promote music. We won’t go to Lagos. Why should we even do that? There’s no time for that because everything is digital now.”

Bullgod highlighted the accelerated shift to digital platforms, exemplifying the crucial role of the internet during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He underscored that the internet offers a level playing field for artists to reach a vast audience without the constraints of physical boundaries.

The artiste manager passionately advocated for a strategic focus on TikTok, citing its expansive reach, larger audience, and promising opportunities for musicians.

“When you release a song in Accra, the next place should be the TikTok office. If you have the money for promotion, go to the TikTok office and pay them,” Bullgod stated, emphasizing the importance of leveraging the platform to maximize visibility.


Bullgod’s perspective challenges the traditional belief that physical presence in specific music hubs guarantees success. The artiste manager’s emphasis on TikTok aligns with the platform’s increasing influence in global music trends.

TikTok’s algorithm-driven content discovery and the ability to make songs go viral quickly have propelled it to the forefront of the music promotion landscape.

This advice follows the call from Adesope Olajide, a Nigerian promoter and broadcaster, encouraging Ghanaian musicians to consider Lagos a strategic promotional location.

However, Bullgod firmly pooh-poohed such suggestions, asserting that the era of relying solely on physical presence in specific cities is outdated.

As the music industry continues to evolve, Bullgod’s stance serves as a reminder of the digital era’s democratizing effect on music promotion.

With TikTok emerging as a powerhouse in music discovery, artists worldwide increasingly turn to the platform to gain exposure and connect with diverse audiences.

In conclusion, Bullgod’s call for Ghanaian musicians to prioritize digital promotion over physical travel marks a paradigm shift in the industry.

The spotlight on TikTok underscores the platform’s pivotal role in reshaping how artists navigate the competitive landscape of global music promotion in the digital age.


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