India and Japan developing relationship founded on principle of trust

The relationship enjoyed by the people and governments of India and Japan extends far beyond politics and not simply an economic alliance

The relationship enjoyed by the people and governments of India and Japan extends far beyond politics and can not simply be considered an economic alliance. On the flip side, the Roots of the relationship between the two nations come from a deep history of Buddhist ideals and a strong people-to-people bond.

On the world front, Japan and India’s relationship is certainly one of the most strategically prominent. While it started on the principle of trust, the relationship quickly moved on to exemplary diplomacy. It is evident in several fronts of bilateral cooperation between the two nations.


One of the most evident proofs of the strong relationship between the governments of the two Asian nations is the Delhi Metro. The Metro has been functional in the country’s capital for twenty years. The twentieth anniversary of the Delhi Metro highlighted not only the successful run of the Metro but also the strength of the relationship between the two nations.

Japan has provided India with the financial and technical support to make several metro corridors. Further, Japan and India have collaborated on another undertaking: Manufacturing India’s first Bullet train. As per the reports, 25% of the work on the bullet train undertaking is already complete. The bullet train will hit the tracks by 2027. Talking about the same, Japan’s Ambassador to India. Hiroshi Suzuki stated that he considers as a revolution.

He further noted that the nations enjoy special relations and partnerships that they consider strategic and global. As per the reports from the ANI, the Japanese Ambassador revealed that the two countries are collaborating on several important fronts.

Further, the reports suggest that the trade imbalance between Japan-India is becoming narrow with every passing financial year. Per the Ministry of External Affairs statistics, bilateral trade between the two nations for the Financial Year 2021-22 totalled USD 20.57 billion. In this, India’s share amounted to USD 6.18 billion. Meanwhile, India’s imports from Japan amounted to USD 14.39 billion.

Another instance of the deepening relationship between Japan and India comes from Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s visit to India. During the visit, he announced an investment of USD 42 billion in India over a five-year term. According to the experts, Japan’s Power Corridors consider India, their most credible partner in the world.

Meanwhile, the two nations may not see the same way when it comes to international conflicts. An example comes from the Russia-Ukraine War. However, their disagreement on International issues does not affect their particular bond.


The ties between the two nations were formalized in 1952 and have since reached greater heights. In the last few years, Japan and India have developed their international relations for the better.

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