Attitude Concerns Cloud Victor Osimhen’s Transfer Prospects Amidst Napoli Departure

Former Nigeria international Peter Ijeh has raised significant doubts over the transfer prospects of Napoli striker Victor Osimhen, attributing potential suitors' reluctance to his perceived attitude and character issues

Former Nigeria international Peter Ijeh has raised significant doubts over the transfer prospects of Napoli striker Victor Osimhen, attributing potential suitors’ reluctance to his perceived attitude and character issues.

Osimhen, who has been vocal about his desire to leave Napoli this summer, finds himself amidst a transfer saga marked by complexities and hesitations from top European clubs.


In a recent Facebook post, Ijeh, drawing on his extensive experience in Scandinavian football, highlighted Europe’s tight-knit community where attitudes and character are pivotal.

He suggested that Osimhen may not fully grasp the implications of his actions, which could be influencing clubs’ decisions regarding his transfer.

“Europe is a small community that takes attitude and character as keys,” remarked Ijeh. “It is a place where everyone knows everyone, and perceptions matter greatly.”

The 25-year-old Nigerian forward’s future at Napoli has been uncertain since he expressed his intention to depart the club following the conclusion of the previous season.

Napoli, in response, has made it clear that Osimhen is available for transfer, albeit at a substantial price.

Initially, Napoli set a release clause of £100 million, which proved to be a deterrent for many potential suitors. Recently, they lowered their valuation to £85 million in a bid to facilitate a transfer.


Despite this adjustment, top clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal have all reportedly withdrawn from negotiations, citing various concerns, including financial constraints and the player’s reported behavior.

Manchester United, among the clubs initially interested, were allegedly offered Osimhen in exchange for Mason Greenwood plus cash, an offer that did not materialize.

With new Napoli coach Antonio Conte reportedly indicating that Osimhen may not feature prominently in his plans for the upcoming season, the uncertainty surrounding the striker’s future has only intensified.

Osimhen’s tenure at Napoli has been marked by flashes of brilliance on the pitch, but also occasional controversies off it. His public criticism of former Super Eagles coach Finidi George and other incidents have contributed to a mixed reputation among football circles.

As the summer transfer window progresses, Napoli and Osimhen continue to navigate a delicate balance between club ambitions and the player’s desire for a new challenge.

The saga underscores the intricacies involved in modern football transfers, where financial considerations, player preferences, and perceived character traits all play crucial roles.

In conclusion, while Victor Osimhen remains a talented prospect with immense potential, his future in European football hinges not only on his on-field abilities but also on his ability to navigate the nuanced landscape of club dynamics and personal conduct.


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