NFF Denies Rumors of Victor Osimhen Ban, Urges Media Responsibility

"It is regrettable that despite no official stance from the NFF, certain parties have chosen to spread unfounded rumors about the imposition of a ban on Victor Osimhen. This is entirely untrue," Dr. Sanusi clarified

In a swift rebuttal to recent rumors circulating within the football community, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has vehemently denied any claims of banning Super Eagles forward Victor Osimhen from the national team.

The speculation stemmed from purported social media outbursts by the player, which allegedly prompted disciplinary action from the federation.


The NFF, through its General Secretary, Dr. Mohammed Sanusi, issued a statement on Wednesday categorically dismissing these reports as baseless falsehoods.

Dr. Sanusi expressed astonishment at the spread of such misinformation, emphasizing that no formal communication or decision regarding Osimhen’s status within the team had been made.

“It is regrettable that despite no official stance from the NFF, certain parties have chosen to spread unfounded rumors about the imposition of a ban on Victor Osimhen. This is entirely untrue,” Dr. Sanusi clarified.

Furthermore, the statement urged the media to collaborate responsibly with the NFF in addressing any concerns related to the national team. Dr. Sanusi stressed the importance of maintaining a constructive dialogue and avoiding unnecessary sensationalism, which could potentially disrupt the team’s focus and preparations.

“Our immediate priority is to resolve internal matters within the Super Eagles squad and shift our attention towards upcoming competitions such as the 2025 AFCON qualifiers and the ongoing 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification series,” Dr. Sanusi added.

The NFF’s stance underscores their commitment to transparency and fair treatment of players, emphasizing that disciplinary actions are handled through established protocols and not through speculative media reports.


Reacting to the developments, football analysts and fans alike have welcomed the NFF’s swift clarification, urging a more measured approach to reporting sensitive issues related to the national team.

The incident serves as a reminder of the power of media in shaping public perception, highlighting the need for accurate and verified information dissemination.

Victor Osimhen, who has been a pivotal figure in Nigeria’s recent football campaigns, has yet to comment on the controversy. The 23-year-old forward has consistently represented the Super Eagles with distinction, contributing significantly to the team’s successes on the international stage.

As the NFF strives to maintain unity and focus within the national team setup, stakeholders are encouraged to prioritize the collective goals of Nigerian football.

The federation’s proactive stance in dispelling rumors and reaffirming its commitment to due process reflects their dedication to fostering a positive environment for players and officials alike.

In conclusion, while challenges and controversies are inevitable in competitive sports, the NFF’s resolute response to the recent rumors surrounding Victor Osimhen serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to integrity and professionalism in football administration.

The football fraternity now looks ahead with optimism as Nigeria prepares to embark on its next chapter in international football, fortified by a renewed sense of unity and purpose within the Super Eagles camp.


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