Troops Neutralize Three Bandits in Kaduna State Clearance Patrol

"The troops scoured the immediate vicinity and recovered significant armaments, including two AK-47 rifles, four AK-47 magazines, and 81 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition," Aruwan reported

Kajuru, Kaduna State – In a decisive operation aimed at restoring peace and security in Kaduna State, troops conducting special clearance patrols neutralized three bandits along the Gonna Rogo-Eka axis of Kajuru Local Government Area.

The operation, which reflects an ongoing commitment to combating banditry in the region, was confirmed by Samuel Aruwan, the Overseeing Commissioner for the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs in Kaduna State.


Aruwan provided detailed operational feedback to the Kaduna State Government, stating that the troops, under the command of the General Officer Commanding, 1 Division Nigerian Army, Major General MLD Saraso, made contact with the bandits during their patrol. Following a fierce exchange of gunfire, three bandits were successfully neutralized.

“The troops scoured the immediate vicinity and recovered significant armaments, including two AK-47 rifles, four AK-47 magazines, and 81 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition,” Aruwan reported. This successful operation is part of a broader strategy to enhance security and ensure a peaceful environment, particularly with the upcoming Eid celebration.

Governor of Kaduna State, Senator Uba Sani, expressed gratitude to the security forces for their dedication and the timely operational feedback. He commended the troops for their relentless efforts under Major General Saraso’s leadership, emphasizing the importance of maintaining security during significant cultural and religious events.

“The Governor appreciates the security forces for their hard work and assures them of continued support from the state government. The troops’ efforts are crucial in ensuring that citizens can celebrate Eid peacefully,” Aruwan said.

This latest operation is part of a series of special fighting patrols aimed at rooting out banditry in various hotspots across Kaduna State. The patrols are not only focused on immediate threats but also on preventing future incursions by maintaining a strong and persistent security presence in vulnerable areas.

The efforts of the Nigerian Army in collaboration with other security agencies have been instrumental in reducing incidents of banditry, which have plagued the region. These operations have provided much-needed relief to local communities, fostering a sense of safety and stability.


Residents of Kajuru Local Government Area have expressed cautious optimism following the operation. Many have lauded the military’s proactive stance and the state government’s commitment to ensuring their safety. However, they also highlighted the need for sustained efforts and vigilance to prevent the resurgence of criminal activities.

“The presence of the military and the recent operations have given us some hope. We can see that the government is serious about tackling the security issues,” said a local resident who preferred to remain anonymous. “But we need continuous efforts to ensure that the bandits do not come back.”

As Kaduna State continues to face security challenges, the government, in collaboration with security agencies, is doubling down on measures to secure its territories. The recent operation along the Gonna Rogo-Eka axis is a testament to these efforts, showcasing the resolve to combat criminal elements and protect the lives and property of the citizens.

The state government has also called on the public to support security agencies by providing timely and accurate information about suspicious activities in their communities. This collaborative approach is seen as crucial in the broader fight against banditry and other forms of criminality in Kaduna State.

With continued military operations and community cooperation, the prospects for lasting peace in Kaduna State appear promising. The recent successful neutralization of bandits marks a significant step forward in this ongoing struggle.


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