Kenya: Team Kenya uniform creator, Wanja visits CS Namwamba

Additionally, The #TeamKenya uniform, made from Maasai Shukas & blended in Kenya's national flag colours, was an artistic creation

As Team Kenya Olympics 2020 Captain Eunice Sum, alongside Deputy Andrew Amonde, led our Olympics team at the traditional unveiling parade, the sight of the striking red prints, with some shade of dotted green and black colours, painted Japan’s National Stadium night, in a glamorous show that left millions of spectators in awe of the fashion on display.

Additionally, The Team Kenya uniform, made from Maasai Shukas & blended in Kenya’s national flag colours, was an artistic creation of designer Wanja, a Kenyan who specializes in sports apparel & uniforms.


Hers was a quest to establish a perfect mix of Kenyanacity with the touch & richness of our culture. It will serve to showcase the epitome of the global brand marketing platform. Wanja’s work of art left an impression on the fully packed stadium. Over 19 million viewers helped her win the coveted prize of being the best-dressed national team of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Wanja says her passion is marrying fashion with sports, focusing on preserving culture and heritage.

Further, When she paid a courtesy call to CS Ababu Namwamba, Wanja took the CS through her fashion design works. Her works oozed class & confidence as she also displayed her mastery in the fashion & design arena. This earned her huge praise from the CS, who remarked: “This is the #TalantaHela we are discussing. Using your talents to put #PesaMfukoni.”

Wanja manufactures sports apparel using in-house designed textiles inspired by our culture, heritage, and tradition. She boasts a clientele of world-beating athletes she credits for taking her fashion to the world.

Her sentiments auger well with that of CS Ababu Namwamba. He has also often stated that sportsmen and women are Kenya’s Number one branding assets. He added that the country owes so much for the branding value they’ve brought to the nation.

In keeping with the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), the CS assured Wanja of his ministry’s support for such local talents to elevate their hustles, in line with the flagship #TalantaHela initiative, whose aim is to monetize skills and put #PesaMfukoni for them.

On marrying sports and fashion, Wanja noted the following. “Adidas creates uniforms for team Great Britain, made by local UK designers. In the same way, we can find a workable solution where local designers can be co-opted in such partnerships to help design our official sportswear.”


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