Anja Ringgren Loven invites bids for NGO childrens’ paintings

The Founder of the Nigeria-based Non-Government Organization, Land of Hope, Anja Ringgren Loven travels to Denmark to deliver several lectures. On the side of these lectures, the NGO is also auctioning the paintings created by the children. Talking about the same, Anja Ringgren Loven shared a post on her social media. In this post, She shared the images of some of the paintings that will go on auction during the events.

Anja shared that the NGO will hold the action in Denmark. However, everyone can make bids online when the auction begins. She invited people and followers from across the globe to make generous bids to get their paintings. The Danish HEX Museum has been exhibiting the children’s paintings of their past trauma for more than half a year.


She addressed the followers and stakeholders of the Non-Government Organization, expanding on the situation. She wrote Many of you know these paintings have a very high sentimental value. Painting what happened to the children when they were accused of being witches and then tortured and abused was not easy for them.

She added that it became a therapeutic process and a platform for the children to express themselves. Painting their traumatic memories gave them a voice and opportunity to express their anger and frustration and turn it into artwork. And now, you all have the chance to buy these unique paintings through an auction that I will host on the 9 of May in Ribe, Denmark, but also online.

She shared the images of all the paintings. Each art piece has the title of the picture, name of the children who painted it, size and minimum bid in Danish Kroner.

Anja Ringrren Loven shared the following images of the paintings with her post. She also invited all the people to participate in the bidding procedure and support the children. Several social media users also extended their support to the children and expressed their feelings on seeing the artpieces.

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