Land of Hope share Charity’s rescue story, mark 10 years

Land of Hope has taken to its official social media account to commemorate ten years since the rescue of a member of the NGOs family, Charity

Land of Hope has taken to its official social media account to commemorate ten years since the rescue of a member of the NGOs family, Charity, from an abandoned house. Non-Government Organization based in Nigeria, the Land of Hope works for the welfare of the children.

Additionally, The non-government organization has been working to rescue the students from the orthodox and superstitious communities in the country. They have remained active in social work for the last ten years. The team at the NGO has rescued almost a hundred children in the previous ten years from abuse and neglectful communities.


Meanwhile, The families of these children often abuse and torture the children on suspicion of the kids being witches. Usually, the NGO team finds these children in a very critical and pitiful condition. The founders of the NGO care for the children and provide them with access to the highest quality of education.

Recently, they took to their social media account to share the story of Charity. They found the girl almost ten years ago. Land of Hope Director of Child Development Nsidibe Orok and Anja Loven found Charity in an abandoned house. Reportedly, The community had accused the child of being a witch, and her family and the community had outcasted her.

As per the Account shared by Anja, She begged for food during the day. She slept in the abandoned house on the dirty ground at night. When the officials of the NGO found her, she was wearing a Chelsea football jersey many sizes too big for her. It was the only clothing she had. Anja remembers how her body appeared like a fragile feather.

According to Anja, Charity was severely malnourished, beaten and abused. What happened to Charity during those years of struggle and immense pain belongs to the past. Accordingly, the management shared that Today Charity has become such a strong and Independent young woman. She will start university next year. All thanks to your amazing love and support. 5th of April 2013, we rescued Charity. 5th of April 2023, we dressed up to celebrate Charity’s development and accomplishments.

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