Michael Ogueke adds to his thoughts on Aisha Buhari Troller

The Nigerian Author and politial economist Michael Ogueke has added to his remarks about the troller of Aisha Buhari.

The Nigerian Author and politial economist Michael Ogueke has added to his remarks about the troller of Aisha Buhari. The troller, a 24-year-old Aminu Adamu, has been recieving support from various social media users. Reportedly, Adamu made a social media where he accused the first lady, Aisha Buhari, of embezzlement.

Professor Michael Ogueke Believes that the attack on the first lady was a sign of the twenty Four-year-old’s bad upbringing. The professor also went on to criticise the Nigerians who supported the actions of the troll.


He came forward with a social media post, where he wrote that he was compiling a list of those who are supporting & defending Aminu Adamu. (He describes the 24 year old as a lousy hired anarchist. The troller’s supporters are dubiously calling a young student to evoke idiotic emotions)

Meanwhile, Professor Ogueke describes him as a full man who deliberately is stoking mischief & trouble for his paymasters by slandering Aisha Buhari.

In his Facebook post, Ogueke revealed he had read that he read that Aminu had been boasting before now that he wants to be the Nnamdi Kanu of the North.

To this, Professor Ogueke responded that there was no lie between Aminu Adamu’s lies against Aisha Buhari & how Kanu started with his lies against Buhari. He added that we can see the outpour of support & defence for Aminu from the Obidients & Peter Obi and the PDP students’ wing called NANS.

Meanwhile, he reiterated that even the Northerners are silent on Aminu’s arrest, detention & arraignment in court because they know he is & has been of dangerous lousy behaviour for a long time.

On the other hand, Ogueke believes that the lawless Southern anarchists support Aminu’s irresponsible behaviour.


In his post, he agaon reiterated that he was compiling names of hypocrites. Many of these hypocrites do not dare to defend Aminu’s deliberate mischief in their walls. However, Ogueke reveals that he reads their comments everywhere.

He added, “I am waiting for the day any Aminu supporters & defenders will ask any government official or public figure accused by any idiot of stealing to speak up or take a court action to clear their name.

Then, he stated that he plans to call them out & expose his ambivalent hypocrisy.

Ogueke argues that We demand & impose standards that soothe us & twist the meaning of criticism & human rights to align with our hypocrisy when it soothes us conveniently.

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