CS Global Partners remarks Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis as longest running CBI programmes

Associates Times invited special guests Micha-Rose Emmett – CEO of CS Global Partners, and Paul Singh – Director of CS Global Partners in the Webinar.

World: Residence and Citizenship by Investment Programme have witnessed significant new trends in the application process, different options available and other aspects of economic citizenships across the globe over the decade. Outlining the evolved changes in the CBI programme, Associates Times hosted a webinar with the globally renowned UK-based Government and Citizenship advisory firm CS Global Partners.

Associates Times invited special guests Micha-Rose Emmett – CEO of CS Global Partners, and Paul Singh – Director of CS Global Partners in the Webinar. The Webinar went live on Sunday, March 6, 2022, with a mainly focused topic called Residency and Citizenship by Investment Programme and its various aspects.


Various questions have been discussed, and the expert duo has shared their experience while working in the CBI industry for so many years. It also shed light on the due-diligence process, which is significant to maintain the safety and security of the (host) country and the international communities.

Both the penalizes noted that a total of 13 countries are offering Citizenship by Investment Programme across the globe, including Egypt, Turkey, Vanuatu, Montenegro, Malta, Jordan and North Macedonia, Austria and Caribbean options, which includes St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada and St Lucia, and these different programmes all provide different routes to obtaining Citizenship and different time frames.

Outlining the significant transformation that occurred during the last ten years in the CBI programme, Micha emphasized that she has witnessed various changes which were connected with the broader social-economic climate of contemporary globalized society and people understood the importance of getting access to the world to do business and to educate children.

Guests further noted that the CBI programme offers second Citizenship to the investors, which provides them with freedom of global mobility with ease of access to the world’s leading economies. After conducting rigorous due diligence, the countries maintain the security and safety of the international community and ensure that only legitimate persons can obtain dual Citizenship.

While highlighting the importance of efficient background checks, Paul Singh stressed that from the moment of submission to approval in principle is generally their month, applications usually feature seamless, streamlined processing, and they have worked with the governments to ensure the process of an economic citizen is as smooth as possible.

Both have also remarked about the CBI programme offered by the countries such as Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis and stated that the countries have the world’s oldest, longest-running, and best CBI programmes, which maintains safety, security and other essential factors.


Further, while applauding five countries of the Caribbean jurisdictions, the Director of CS Global Partners mentioned that Citizenship by investment is the most direct, clear-cut and most seamless process to gain Citizenship, and all five Caribbean jurisdictions have got a very thorough due diligence process, and they’ve all ranked very highly in the pillar of due diligence, conducted by the financial times CBI Index, which scored all five Caribbean nations quite highly there.

Micha also mentioned various investment options available for the applicants in the CBI programme and underlined that the CBI programme tends to have two options such as real estate investment and donation investment.

Paul also noted that the government fund contribution (Fund Option) is a more straightforward route as it can tend to be even a quicker route, while real estate is more complex.

Director of CS Global Partners also said that the longevity of the programme determines the efficiency of the programme as St Kitts and Nevis launched the economic citizenship programme in 1984 being the first country in the world, while Dominica in 1993, so the people for over the decades get benefit from the programme as they have run for a long time and held in a very regarded by the international community and lot of people who gained Citizenship.

They further concluded that cited that Citizenship by Investment has come as a great lifesaver and life-changing process for the investors and the host country. It provides various business opportunities educational opportunities and also provides better health care to the individual, and the CS Global Partners have dealt with direct clients who have obtained Citizenship and proves as complete transformers their lives.

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