Chrome update to include better fraud protection and permissions

A new Google Chrome update is currently being rolled out to Android and other platforms, and from a user data protection perspective, this is one of the most important updates. The new update enables users to change site permissions for individual sites, and Google said it will expand these permissions in the future. In addition, the new Google browser update also allows users to better access the site.

Chrome actions allow you to easily verify the security of your browser and a registered account. Finally, Google added that it has improved website isolation technology and improved phishing detection, which seems to have a significant impact on the browser’s speed and stability.

Starting with site permissions, the latest updates to Google Chrome for Android and all other platforms will soon allow users to grant a specific set of permissions to each site. This can be done by clicking the lock button on the upper left from the address bar. Clicking it will open the permissions section, where users can enable or disable the camera, location, and microphone permissions based on the needs of the site. Google Chrome product manager Audrey An said that this feature will be extended in future updates so that users can easily delete any website from Chrome’s browsing history.

Chrome Actions has also been improved with the latest Google Chrome update. This feature allows users to enter simplified commands to access certain settings in Chrome, such as editing passwords. Chrome will now extend this functionality by allowing users to run a quick security check, which can be done by typing “run security check” in Chrome’s address bar. The team will look for Chrome updates, check your safe browsing settings, and check if any passwords you have stored in the password store have been cracked, and will notify you accordingly.

“With our next update, you will also get the dual advantages of speed and security. Phishing is still one of the main threats on the Internet, but protecting yourself from these attacks can sometimes slow down your browser. With the latest image processing enhancements in Chrome, phishing detection is 50 times faster and consumes less power”, said Audrey An.

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