Bird Flu death spreads panic but human transmission rare

Although human-to-human transmission of the bird flu virus is extremely rare, the medical community was shocked by the death of an 11-year-old boy from bird flu before the devastating effects of the second wave of Covid subsided. The incident also angered the domestic poultry industry worth 90,000 crore rupees, which surged in demand after months of the downturn in sales last year, because any freeze in egg or chicken sales or production could be devastating and influences your income.

It is estimated that poultry farming in India directly affects about 60 million people. The H5N1 virus, also known as bird flu, is known to be transmitted by chickens, but other birds (such as ducks and crows) can also transmit the virus. As part of its comprehensive disease surveillance program, the National Centers for Disease Control (NCDC) has safely issued an alert to all centers across the country to look for suspected cases.

As a preventive measure, all AIIMS employees who were in contact with the deceased were required to monitor any flu symptoms on their own and report to the authorities immediately as a preventive measure. Vikas Maurya, director and director of the Pulmonary Department of Fortis Hospital, said that the spread of burd flu from person to person is neither rapid also it is rare.

Experts believe that it is extremely rare for children to die from bird flu because there is still no convincing evidence that influenza, also known as the avian influenza virus, can spread to humans, causing infections and even deaths. According to the World Health Organization, almost all human cases of H5N1 infection are related to close contact with infected live or dead poultry or to an environment contaminated with H5N1.

A simple and effective way to fight bird flu is to cook meat at high temperatures. According to WHO, as long as proper hygiene and food preparation practices are followed, poultry and poultry products can be cooked and eaten normally without fear of infection with avian influenza virus.

They said that this fear couldn’t have come at the worst moment, because the prices of eggs and chicken are nearly 20-30% higher than last year, and demand is expected to be high because both products are used during COVID -19 as an immunity enhancer.

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