Pfizer stops severe illness in Israel

Government data show that in recent weeks, Pfizer’s vaccines have been less effective in preventing coronavirus infections in Israel, but continue to provide strong protection against the serious disease Covid19. Between June 6 and early July, the vaccine protected 64% of people from the disease, down from 94% before. The Ministry of Health announced that the drop was due to the spread of the Delta variant in Israel. This also coincides with the removal of virus restrictions in early June.

Although there are signs of an increase in infections, data also show that vaccines can protect people from serious diseases. According to data from the Ministry of Health, its effectiveness in preventing hospitalization has dropped to 93%, compared with 97% in previous government studies.

Delta was first introduced in India and spread all over the world as governments rushed to vaccinate people. This sudden change has forced some countries to postpone or modify plans to relax restrictions on commerce, activities, and travel. Pfizer spokesperson Dervila Keane declined to comment on the Israeli data because research has shown that, in some cases, the current level of vaccination against new mutations is slightly lower. She said that currently, there is evidence that vaccines “will continue to prevent against the virus.”

Israel has launched one of the most effective coronavirus vaccination campaigns in the world. Approximately 57% of the population is currently vaccinated. According to the intelligence agency Ynet, many new Covid19 cases have emerged among those who have been vaccinated. According to the website, 55% of newly infected people were vaccinated last Friday. As of July 4, 35 serious coronavirus cases have been registered in the population. 9.3 million, increased from 21 on June 19th.

The government plans to screen people who have been vaccinated with the coronavirus, including factors such as age, previous illnesses, and date of vaccination to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine and the speed by which its effectiveness decreases. After restoring the right to wear masks in public, the government is considering reintroducing additional restrictions. It is said that 3rd vaccine will be needed after 12 months of getting fully vaccinated.

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