Pokemon Unite is a brand new MOBA (Massively Multiplayer Online Battleground) game, which will be available on Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS soon. This will be the first game of its kind in Pokemon World. Pokémon Unite was first announced in June last year, and now it has happened. Finally, the release schedule. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch next month, and will be released on Android and iOS in September.

A short trailer showing the gameplay has also been posted on the official YouTube channel. Pokemon Unite has a team-based 5v5 arena battle familiar to MOBA players. Typical games include capturing wild Pokémon, upgrading and evolving your Pokémon, and defeating opponents who are trying to do the same. Collect more points than the opposing team within the stipulated time to ensure victory.

The trailer shows off-line and jungle gameplay, as well as some unique abilities of Pokémon. It currently has a list of 19 Pokémon, and the developer may add more ores in the future. There will be more than 15 types of possessions that can increase the statistics of Pokémon. Players or trainers can also use various combat items to support their Pokémon.

Defeating wild Pokémon will get Eos energy that needs to be collected and transferred to the opponent the team with the most points wins. The game is developed by Pokemon Company and TiMi Studios of Tencent Games. It will be released on Nintendo Switch next month, although there is no exact release date. iOS users can start the experience in September.

Pokemon Unite will support cross-platform games between Switch and mobile devices. Support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish will be added later this year. In addition, a report by The Verge stated that Pokemon Unite also supports cross-progress, which means players can use their Pokemon Trainer Club account or Nintendo account on multiple devices and save their progress on any device.

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