There are reports that the Indian government may provide compensation to Pfizer and Moderna to expedite the vaccination process in India. The Serum Institute of India also called for liability on Thursday and pointed out that all vaccine manufacturers, whether Indian or foreign, should receive the same Compensation.

So far, the government has not provided any compensation or defense to manufacturers for serious side effects. As the problem gets worse, here is what the compensation means and how it will help the vaccination process in India. Ensure those vaccine manufacturers will not be prosecuted in India, thereby protecting vaccine manufacturers from legal proceedings. No other vaccine manufacturer in India enjoys this requirement. However, Pfizer and Moderna stated that they will only export vaccines to India if the transaction with the center ends and the company is immune from legal action.

A senior government official said that providing compensation to the two giants in India is “no problem” and that this approval is consistent with the use of the two vaccines in the United States and other countries. First, because of the liability clause, producers who does not approve or test vaccines are responsible for side effects. Second, it is problematic to delegate full responsibility for the development and rapid licensing of new products.

According to Bar & Bench, the second acknowledgment of the complaint that the product liability part is important to pharmaceutical doctrine states that “vaccine manufacturers should not be liable for inevitable vaccine safety risks or when vaccine safety risks are insufficient. If vaccines are prepared properly and affixed with appropriate warning labels, it is time to ensure their safety. “Third, the manufacturer will not approve such uninspected claims that hinder the progress of the vaccination program.

A legal notice of Rs 5 crore was recently submitted for the vaccine. Covishield sent a claim to SII. The victim had serious neurological side effects, but SII described these allegations as malicious and poorly considered.

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