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According to a new study from the University of Exeter, using brain training apps will help people eat less unhealthy foods and lose weight. Eat snacks, make a connection between these foods and quitting. A new study by the University of Exeter and the University of Helsinki was published on ScienceDirect, titled App-Driven Food Learning App Go/No-Go training: User Participation and Diet Consumption in Opportunistic Observation Study.

If a person plays once a year for one month to reduce the consumption of unhealthy food by one point on the 8-point scale (ranging from four or more items per day to one or zero items per month) it can improve your habits. Overall, the people who used the app most often also reported more significant changes in food intake.

About half of the 1,234 participants in the study followed the advice and tested the whole process at least 10 times. All participants lost an average of weight per pound. bin (slightly more than a pound), the intake of healthy food increased slightly. For example, people who ate all junk food two to four times a week reduced it to once a week after using the app for a month. They often use it, said Professor Natalia Lawrence of the University of Exeter.

Total in general, the results are very encouraging. The app is free and only takes about four minutes a day, so people can actually do it, and our results show. “It’s effective.” There is evidence that obese people benefit the most. The study used FoodT usage data, and the app also regularly asks questions about the frequency of certain foods and other information such as age and weight.

The results show that frequent use of the app is related to more significant changes in eating habits. The researchers emphasize that their results should be interpreted with caution, because there is no control group (comparison) and other factors (for example, people who exercise more may also be more motivated to lose weight) may affect the results.

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