Whiskey: To drink or not to drink? These days, this problem may worry all drinkers, because it is now recommended to stay away from alcohol, because alcohol acts as an immunosuppressant. But did you know that whiskey was prescribed by medical experts in 1918? Even if the deadliest pandemic hit the world at the time?

When the Spanish flu reached the United States of America, people returned to ancient medicine. Whiskey is recommended to be used in small amounts and is said to have medicinal properties. Doctors, nurses and ordinary workers consume whiskey regularly to help prevent flu. Some doctors believe that whiskey can irritate the heart and respiratory tract and be weakened by disease.

According to an article published in the Times of India on April 4, 1919, other whiskeys not only acted as a stimulant but also acted as a tranquilizer. A newspaper in 1918: “Since the beginning of the fashion, our whiskey sales have more than tripled. It is taken with yeast cake, soda, quinine and more than a dozen other foods, and some are taken directly. Some of our customers say that the doctor recommends the use of whiskey, while others say that their friends use whiskey to their advantage. Now, even people who have never drunk whiskey drink whiskey.

During the Spanish flu, whiskey did not receive scientific support. The doctor prescribes it only because it acts as a sedative and relieves part of the disease, which has an intoxicating effect. There is no connection between whiskey and the medicinal properties it brings to patients. In 1917, the American Medical Association even declared that alcohol itself had no medicinal value.

Now, if you experience symptoms related to COVID, it is best not to take the medication yourself, as this will make the symptoms worse and cause further problems. At such times, COVID-19 has affected the entire world. If you have been vaccinated recently or plan to be vaccinated soon, it is best to discuss drinking with your doctor.

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