Instagram launched Reels, which provides users with an excellent alternative to TikTok. It now appears that the company hopes to provide users with more reasons to start. A Facebook-owned company is developing a reward feature that developers can use to monetize videos.

This feature was first discovered by developer Alessandro Paluzzi. One of the screenshots posted by the developer confirms that the Bonus option is for creators, not ordinary users. The screenshot also shows that the creator gets paid every time a new character is uploaded. Users may need to reach some “reward threshold” to profit from their role. The screenshots even show that you can track the production progress.

In addition, as the company requires developers to pay close attention to these opportunities, please continue to add new revenue opportunities. It is important to note that this feature is still under development and Instagram has not officially confirmed it. It looks like the company will release it soon, as new Insights features have recently been added to give Reels users a better understanding of its performance. This function is suitable for drum kits and live drum kits.

For reels, Instagram displays new metrics, including play, score, like, comment, save and post. In real time, users receive data about the account that has arrived, while viewing and commenting on the maximum number. And action. The company will also include these metrics in “Customer Insights” to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how roles and lives affect customer performance. Creators need this feature to get better performance and enjoy Instagram rewards. More information about content distribution.

Therefore, we have created a new structure to provide visibility into the type of account you use and the content format that most effectively expands reach,” the company said.

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