The center notified the Delhi High Court on Monday that it believes that WhatsApp’s new privacy policy violates Indian Information Technology (IT) laws and standards, and has asked online platforms to provide addresses to clarify whether it is necessary to confirm central government guidelines.

The lawsuit was filed in front of a bench of Chief Justice D.N. Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh. At the hearing, the motives of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy were questioned. The platform said that the motive took effect on May 15 without delay. WhatsApp told the bank that although the new privacy policy went into effect on May 15, it will not delete user accounts that have not yet accepted the policy and try to make them join.

A single time limit, after which you will start deleting accounts, because each user is handled individually. The bank sent notices to the center, Facebook and WhatsApp, asking the lawyers for their position on one of the petitions. They argued that the new policy violated the privacy rights of users under the Constitution.

At the hearing, the center stated that the policy violated Indian IT laws and regulations. He said that he has written to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) to wait for a response on why the status of implementation of the code must be maintained. Laws and regulations, and added that its policy took effect on May 15, but the account will not be deleted immediately.

When the case was first heard by a judge, the center stated that WhatsApp handled Indian users differently from Europeans because they did not participate. Their new privacy policy has attracted the attention of the government and investigated the issue. He also said that what is worrying is that the instant messaging platform has made Indian users “unilaterally” facing changes in privacy policies, and the government is investigating. The court ruled that another hearing should be held on June 3.

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