The second wave of coronavirus seems to be adding new cases every day. The vaccination campaign that is open to people over the age of 18 is now a silver lining. In the fight against a pandemic, the most important thing is to minimize the severity and mortality caused by these choices. Vaccines are also a way to gain immunity to the new coronavirus.

But when should people who have been infected with the virus be vaccinated? Should they take the vaccine when it is available or postpone it? If you are a recovered COVID patient who has not been vaccinated, you need to know the following points at this time.

It is estimated that all approved coronavirus vaccines have more than 80 effective and incredible vaccines that can minimize symptoms, severity, mortality, and TTR (recovery time). If you are infected with COVID again, vaccination will effectively reduce the risk of complicating things and protect you from the terrible mutant. Even if you are infected with COVID and are immune to it, vaccination will only enhance your protection, so it cannot be ignored.

If possible, it is best to plan vaccination doses for eligible people. Those who have just tested positive, are recovering or have just tested negative can choose to postpone the injection. This is because the previous infection with the coronavirus will give people natural immunity for a period of time. Research and anecdotal evidence indicate that, on average, people with COVID-19 can acquire 90 to 180 natural immunity.

In addition, a person’s natural immunity may also vary according to severity, chronic disease and history of infection. Therefore, although COVID patients are actively encouraged to inject, it is best to inject 2-8 weeks after infection. We currently have no evidence that the vaccine should be vaccinated immediately after infection. However, after natural immunity is restored, the immunity enhanced by the vaccine may not help. The virus is the most effective, so it is best to get vaccinated when natural immunity is weakened.

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