India is currently facing the most difficult period of the pandemic. Daily COVID-19 cases continue to hit record highs. Nearly 3 million active cases are reported every day. He will control everything, so you need to prepare for the worst. If you or a member of your family are positive for COVID and have a high viral load, or the person is already sick and is more likely to be hospitalized if the condition worsens, then you should be mentally prepared for this. And physically.

Necessities Travel bags or other easy-to-carry bags Mobile phone and electronic device chargers Mobile phone toothbrushes and toothpaste thermos. Healthy snacks, brush heads, headphones, comfortable pajamas, slippers, socks, Wiki underwear, pen and paper Toiletries, body lotions, disinfection wipes, wipes, masks, take away other items that are complication of COVID-19, and there should be no shortage of generic drugs or this will harm your health.

Fever might be the most common symptom of coronavirus. Monitoring your body temperature several times a day will be a good way to assess your condition and seek help if the temperature is too high. When you arrive at a hospital with a dangerously low oxygen level, you are at risk of severe complications, which may even be fatal.

In fact, there are doctors and nurses who will take care of you, but you still need to pay more attention during this period. To avoid complications, check your oxygen level regularly or when you feel short of breath. This usually happens in hospitals. Additional blankets are provided upon request.

Currently, when they are full of edges, it is difficult to expect this from them. If you are usually too cold, please bring a blanket. If it is COVID-19, you may need to stay in the hospital for a week or more.

When you leave your family and read news about the deteriorating situation in the country, it is difficult to remain calm. Maintaining a positive attitude and distraction is essential for faster recovery. Reading in the hospital can be a great hobby. Therefore, don’t forget to put the book in your handbag.

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