As part of the fight against the second deadly COVID-19 wave, Priyanka Chopra organized a fundraising event for her “home” India. The actress is currently in London for professional reasons and she is trying to draw attention to the desolate situation in India caused by the emergence of the coronavirus on an international platform.

Priyanka shared a video on Thursday to encourage people to donate. you are. The actress and her husband singer Nick Jonah collaborated with the online fundraising platform GiveIndia to organize a fundraising event. Priyanka Chopra talked about the oxygen crisis, the shortage of hospital beds and the reported shortage of COVID-19 in the video. “Why should we worry? Is it really that urgent now?

I was sitting in London and learned from friends and family in India that the hospital was overcrowded, there was no intensive care unit, the ambulance was too busy, and the available oxygen was scarce. Mass burns occurred because the death toll was too high-you can hear the actress speaking in the video.-India is my home and India is bleeding. We as a global community deserve attention.

I will tell you why we need to worry: if everyone is not safe, then no one is safe. I understand that many people must be angry when thinking, why are we in this place in the first place, and why is this happening? He added: “Yes, to do. Think about it after the emergency is over.” Priyanka said in his signature that she and Nick Jonas have already donated for this and will continue to donate.

“India, my home, suffering. After the worst coronavirus crisis in the world, we all need help! People are dying at a record rate. Diseases are everywhere and are spreading and killing at a tremendous speed and scale. .I raised money with Give India, the largest charity of Covid in India. Everything you can save is very important. Your donation will be directly used for physical health infrastructure (including Covid care centers, isolation centers and oxygen generation equipment), medical equipment, and vaccine support and mobilization.

She wrote in his signature: “We are and will continue to contribute.” We have all seen how far this virus can spread, and the ocean between us is not important. We must defeat this virus, and everyone needs it.

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