Actor Chadwick Boseman (Chadwick Boseman) received all Oscar nominations this year as a 3D tribute, and artist Andre Oshea’s work was also released as a special NFT and will be auctioned online to raise money The funding of the work. Charity.

Artist Andre Oshea said: “In order for an artist to live forever, their art must be recognized.” He made a special durable token (NFT) for the deceased actor as an Oscar gift Part of the bag. Oshea shared a small digital tribute clip on his Instagram account, calling it one of his “most challenging and meaningful experiences” to put it into practice.

It will be auctioned at Rarible, and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Colon Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization based in New York, dedicated to reducing the incidence and death of colon cancer. Oshea continued in his post: “His goal is to donate 10,000 colorectal cancer tests to low-income communities.

Actor and playwright Boseman died because of colon cancer in August 2020. The disease was in 2016. He was diagnosed in 1999, but at the same time still active and supportive. Cancer charity. His latest movie, Ma Rainey’s “Black Bottom”, was released that year after his death and received critical acclaim. Won an Oscar nomination for best actor. However, Anthony Hopkins (Anthony Hopkins) won the best actor award for his performance in “Father Who Has Died”.

However, Boseman won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Dramatic Film for his outstanding performance in films, and won the Performance Award at the 27th Screen Actors Guild Awards. With many interesting and recognizable posters about the annoying daily issues on his Instagram account, more than 7.5 million followers announced that he is ready to make the most of his digital assets. He took a photo with the poster and made his own poster. NFT collection. His first collection included a badge with the first 157 characters.

There are several types of NFTs, and they all have their own custom process. If you want to set up NFT for digital art, you can do it through one of the popular online stores-OpenSea. Although you can sell collections on OpenSea, please note that new sellers must pay gasoline commissions (Ethereum blockchain transaction costs) before publishing any content.

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