Graham Reid has never achieved such a convincing victory in the eight years of working with the Australian ice hockey team, but after a break in the field for nearly a year, the Indian team played against the mighty Germany.

People gave a wonderful performance. The men’s hockey team defeated Germany 6-1 in the first game of the European Tour in February: “This is a depressed mood, something we want to do all year,” Reid told the Olympic Channel Said on the phone. In Germany, the Indian team also went to Antwerp, Belgium, to play two games against the British team. In that game, the Indian team changed the goal of the game by scoring, showing character and perseverance.

In the third game, Mandip scored the winning goal in the final minutes of the fourth game. After a successful visit to Europe, India will travel to South America to play against Argentina in the FIH professional league. Another challenge is to help men in blue prepare for the Olympics more fully. Indian players are known for their skill and originality in the game field. Reed believes that this is a necessary adjustment that Indians have made over the years to deal with the more physically advantageous Europeans. Indian hockey comes from another place.

If you look at the history of this game in Australia, a lot of things have already been entered. Therefore, the starting point of Australia is different from the starting point of European competitions. They have developed different skills. Lots of Indian skills. They are designed because they are not as tall as Europeans. We need to bridge the power gap.

However, we have some excellent companies, such as Rupinder (Singh). But this is my passion for hockey. “Some hockey elites. The world is not vast. We have many club skills and we will continue to use them. We like to pass the ball and don’t give the opponent time to attack. If you look at Vivek (Prasad), he is a small man, but look at how we fight against Germany. Then, if you don’t have speed, develop other skills to make up for it. We have different skills from Germany, the Netherlands and Australia, which is unique to India.

Currently, India is considered one of the best ice hockey players in the world. They are characterized by small changes and the ability to adapt to different opponents. After being unbeaten on the European Tour, they will continue to play from April 10th to 11th, attracting everyone’s attention in Argentina. This not only put them on the rankings, but also boosted morale, because the final battle is only a few months away.

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