Trump Seems to be Very Happy with Apple’s Austin Plans

Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief has planned to expand his operations in the USA. In response to this, the US President has thanked Apple’s Chief Tim Cook. He thinks that this will benefit thousands of people in the country. This is because there would be lots of opportunities as available for the job seekers. Austin will be the new base of the company, and it is believed that there would be space for 6200 workers over here.

To start with there would be a workflow for 5000 workers and then soon the facility would also grow up to 15000. Apple is based in California and in January it had already promised a big chunk of employment to people. In fact, it had already invested USD 30 billion at that time. Since General Motors had cut his workforce some time back, this kind of praise was a sarcastic remark to GM. Trump has been telling people to shift the manufacturing base in the USA and that there should be employment opportunities for people in the USA. At some points, he has also pressurized the manufacturing units. Trump says this act of GM as Nasty.

As per the available reports, Apple will get many departments ready in Austin and this would include operations, finance, and research, customer support, sales, and even engineering. Apple is also expanding the operations at already existing units like Seattle, Boston, and many other several places. Apple is on the favorites list of Trump as the company has been responsible for a lot of employment generation. It has supported the economy and Trump believes that the same would continue.

Trump also showed an emoji in his Tweet showing that how much he respects and loved Apple. He is quite happy with Apple’s Austin project. So, what comes next would be here soon. Just stay tuned!

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