The Benefits of Floatation Tank Therapy

It is not an unknown fact that when our mind is free from ‘noise’ we are able to focus or concentrate on what we are doing much more effectively.

As much as troubles and everyday issues impact our ability to function optimally from a mental perspective, so do external stimuli and when our brain is freed from having to deal with most external stimuli such as light, sound, touch and vision, it begins to more efficiently.

As most of you are already aware of, a floatation tank basically involves the removal of external stimuli and when this happens almost 90 % of our central nervous systems is freed from the constant load of sensory input sending the brain into a deep state of relaxation.

This deep state of relaxation basically means that our brain changes alters its regular brainwave frequency to the theta state which occurs fleetingly around the few seconds before we fall asleep and the few seconds just as we are waking up.

What has been found to be good about the theta state is that when individuals come out from this state, their capacity to learn, process information, and be creative mentally is significantly enhanced.

This simply means that after floatation therapy, most individuals are left in an enhanced level of mental performance for the following few days, and repeated floatation tank therapy brings this benefit to last for months.

Other significant findings that are directly linked to floatation tank therapy or REST is the fact that it assists people to eliminate compulsive behaviours which include alcoholism, gambling and in some instances even smoking.

What has been ascertained about floatation tank therapy is that it benefits those with psychological issues and emotional imbalances that lead to anxiety and depression to manage better by altering the chemical balances within them that takes place when the brain is left in the theta state for approximately one hour.

Other benefits that can be derived from float tank therapy include drawing toxins out of the body which is caused by the Epsom salt solution that the floaters float in (Epsom salt is used to create buoyancy and prevent subjects from sinking or going under water).

The therapy also practically sedates the nervous system which helps reduce swelling and promote rapid healing, relaxes muscles which removes strain and last, but not least acts as a holistic emollient and exfoliator.

From athletes to high-end executives, from pregnant women to those suffering from stress related disorders and from those suffering from arthritis to chronic pain, all have reported significant improvements in their health conditions. Other reports related to the therapy also include better moods, better concentration and positive feelings of overall well-being.

It could be said that floatation tank therapy has been conclusively proven to help a wide variety of ailments. To date, there have not been any reports about the therapy causing any negative or ill side effects apart from the treatment being an issue for those who are claustrophobic.

As such, floatation tank sessions are deemed by most medical professionals as being a safe ancillary treatment for basically any ailment because it involves the betterment of the mind more than anything else.

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