Google has revealed a new update that puts 2.6 billion Chrome users at a huge risk. The risks include abuse, surveillance, and manipulation of data. If you are using Chrome too, then it’s time for you to change your browser If you’re one of those users, this nasty new surprise just gave you a reason to quit. Chrome is untrustable when it comes to privacy and security.


The best browser in the world has been issuing fix after fix throughout this year. It has been discovered that it has many high-risk exploits. Google recently revealed that accidentally many users were secretly under surveillance. Google is promising to put user’s privacy before anything else. They also said that there was no maintenance of web tracking.

The web tracking of chrome users has two parts, firstly, Google didn’t care about the security issues and secondly, it released the latest API  to know when you are not using the browser. Google is not hearing out and narrowing the case by staying silent. They have said that they think that only a small part of data is used up by the sites. They developed this for privacy that only allows the user’s device to be delivered with notifications from messaging applications.

Why is Google doing this?


This Chrome web tracking sounds familiar to many because of the same problem with FloC this year. Google’s idea of keeping users anonymous while still providing surveillance to advertisers was the biggest mistake. They didn’t accept any warning and anonymously tracked their data before they admitted that the risks of tracking have been increased a lot as the warnings have proven to be true.

Google has been constantly trying to find a way to put up ads without compromising privacy with strategies like Privacy Sandbox. It has been said that those strategies are being postponed, while they develop functionalities like trackers that help new ads. Google’s API that detects the idle behavior is worse enough and there’s more coming. After the failure of FLoC, Google is trying to do its best in customer support.

At first, Google made sure that FLoC will not be a threat, and that the risk of stealing the data would be reduced. But it is proven to be what Google said it wasn’t. The truth is that Google can’t step back. The advertises can’t be stopped or else Google will drown. The promise of privacy concerning browsers that have been developed with data-stealing and trackers is heartbreaking.

It has been said that almost more than 70% of users feel like they are being tracked online and more than 80% say the risks of data leak are more than the benefits. We all have seen how the apps are detected stealing the data even when users did not allow to be tracked. What we have to learn from the FLoC incident is that advertisements will always find another way to get back. It’s time to wake up from the grasp of the world’s best browser with more than 2.6 billion users. Google can’t stop its tracking, they wouldn’t choose between the advertisers and user’s privacy because the money follows.


By Ellen Packer

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