Read all about renowned native doctor of Anambra, Chukwudozie Nwangwu

Chukwudozie Nwangwu is popularly known as Akwa okuku Tiwara Aki na Oba. The name translates as the egg that broke the palm nut.

Chukwudozie Nwangwu is popularly known as Akwa okuku Tiwara Aki na Oba. The name translates as the egg that broke the palm nut. Interestingly, Chukwudozie Nwangwu earned the name by performing the wonder. Several reports said he crushed about 24 palm kernels with just a fowl egg.

The miracle worker hails from Umumpama village Ọbá in Idemili South local government Anambra State Biafra”. It is the same village as Nigerian entrepreneur Obi Cubana. Akwa ọkụkọ, as his admirers fondly call him, was born in 1998. He is 25 years of age. His father, Mmili Mara Ugo, is a well-known traditionalist very popular in Ọbá Anambra State Biafra.


Chidozie Nwangwu started his Native doctor career at the age of 12. In his school days, his schoolmates knew him as 911. This name came to be because he would also come to school by 9 am and go by 11 AM. As per some sources, out of all the subjects that the teachers taught in school, he had only an interest in mathematics. When he was 13 years old, people discovered his potential and began sorting for his services.

During his school days, he was able to tell his schoolmates about problems they were facing, both personally and also in their families. They confirmed that these issues were True. Meanwhile, they sort for a solution through him and get their problems solved as well. Additionally, These instances opened several doors for multiple gifts of a different kind ranging from cash, mobile phones, motorcycles, motor vehicles and many more.

As of today, many in Nigeria and outside Nigeriaknow the state and the city due to him. In 5 days of every week. Accordingly, the people estimate that he attends to about 50-100 people daily. Additionally, there are always over 200 people waiting to see him daily for different reasons. These reasons include seeking solutions to their problems, business progress, and even counselling in Spiritual, traditional and other numerous related matters.

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