Timothy Nwachukwu uses EndSars Summit to advise new Ebonyi Governor

Timothy Nwachukwu has taken to his social media account to share some advice with the incoming governor of Ebonyi State.

Nigeria is hosting their presidential elections in February. Additionally, several states of Nigeria will observe the elections to appoint new governors. In light of this, Good governance advocate, Political Analyst, and Media expert Ambassador Timothy Nwachukwu has taken to his social media account to share some advice with the incoming governor of Ebonyi State.

Here, it is worth noting that Ebonyi is Ambassador Nwachukwu’s home state, which makes the region a special centre of attention for him. He took the example of the present governor of Ebonyi, David Umahi, to share his advice. He took the example of the END SARS SUMMIT and advised the incoming governor to avoid repeating the mistakes of his predecessor.


The ENDSARS Summit brought 1500 Ebonyi Youths from the 13 local governments to the ecumenical Centre for seven days. According to Ambassador Timothy Nwachukwu, this is Governor Umahi’s biggest achievement. The youth of Ebonyi attended the end sars summit in compliance with the directive given by the President of Nigeria to State governors. The president aimed for the governor to engage youths to prepare to prevent ENDSARS. He urged them to maximise the population and inert abilities of each State’s youths.

He explained that Ebonyi State was the first State in the federation to organise the Summit. The Summit aimed to harness the Human resources of Ebonyi Youths for maximum profitability to the State.

At the time, The State government invited and engaged the best brains (Intellectuals Such as Vice Chancellors and Successful Entrepreneurs) to challenge and expose the youths to how to discover and harness their potential for maximum profitability*

Ambassador Timothy Nwachukwu led the Ebonyi Ambassadors Movement (EBAM) to attend the seven days summit. During the Summit, he emerged as the Chairman of a State-Based organisation. He had the privilege of addressing Ebonyi youths and shared what the State government *must* do to prevent Endsars.

Unfortunately, The Government of Ebonyi State failed to leverage and co-opt the youth Leaders who participated in the End Sars Summit during the implementation process.*

He expressed that To date, no review mechanism has been initiated by the state government to x-ray the implementation of the recommendation made by the youths at the Summit.


Ambassador Nwachukwu believes Governor Dave Umahi derailed the Summit’s focus when we announced that the government would empower the participants with One Million Naira.*

The announcement took the focus of both the leaders (Commissioners and Special Assistants) from the major purpose of the program to the chase for the release of imaginary #1 million naira empowerment for the youths.

Ambassador Nwachukwu noted that the next governor of Ebonyi State should learn from these shortcomings. In line with this, first step should be:

1. Appointment of a digitally competent Commissioner for Youth with capacity and proven records of excellence results.*

2. Leveraging on. Volunteerism and harnessing the pool of resources of distinguished Ebonyi youths across the globe.

3. Implement the recommendation of End Sars Summit and, most importantly, set up a youth leaders committed to work with the State Ministry of Youth to harness the potential of Ebonyi Youths.

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