Dominica goes under tropical storm watch ahead of TS Bret

The prime minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, has placed the country on a tropical storm watch. The government will put a storm watch in place for 48 hours. The storm watch means the country may experience storm conditions within this specific time. The country is going under storm watch because of their commitment to protect the citizens.

The experts suggest they located the storm near latitude 12.2 north, longitude 48.6 west. This location is about 880 miles east southeast of Dominica. They specified the location as 5:00 PM on Tuesday, June 20, 2023. The movement of the tropical storm is westward. It is moving at 18 mph (30 km/h).


The experts also believe that this movement will continue for several days. Accordingly, they believe that the centre of the storm system will pass the lesser antilles more southernly. The forecasts suggest that the storm will pass the region towards the end of the week.

Further, Bret will maintain the status of a tropical storm as it approaches. Meanwhile, the storm will strengthen during the approach. The country will feel the earliest storm winds on Thursday. Meanwhile, the track and intensity forecast of Bret is uncertain. Accordingly, it is difficult to ascertain the exact location and magnitude of hazard occurrence.

Due to the impending tropical storms, several regional airlines have cancelled flights and travel plans. The government of Dominica has urged the country’s people to monitor the progress of the tropical storm. The authorities have urged the people of the country to take necessary precautions.

The government called on the country’s people to ensure they were ready for the upcoming tropical storm. The team shared that the government shared that they must ensure their hurricane season plans and ready. They should be able to for activation to protect life, property and livelihood.

The Tropical Storm will also likely affect the island with heavy rainfall and gusting of winds.

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