Edo state committed to promoting healthy lifestyle

With the GetFit with EDHIC program, the Edo State Health Insurance Commission is taking a proactive approach to improving the health of all Edo residents

With the GetFit with EDHIC program, the Edo State Health Insurance Commission is taking a proactive approach to improving the health of all Edo residents. This regular fitness event features free medical screenings, health talks and sensitization, amongst other fun activities. The program is helping to educate and empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being. Physical fitness good health insurance plan is extremely important. It is one of the secrets of living a healthy and productive life.

Staying active and exercising is key to maintaining good health and preventing chronic illnesses. These include heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Exercise helps keep our bodies strong and healthy and improves our mental health and overall well-being.


Similarly, possessing a comprehensive insurance plan helps to defray the expenses incurred from unforeseeable, unexpected, and essentially unmanageable illnesses. At the same time, it also provides numerous other significant advantages. Its primary objective is to safeguard one’s finances and foster well-being and sound health.

The organization promotes healthy living practices. Additionally, Get Fit with EDHIC also share importance of health insurance. It helps people access affordable and quality healthcare services. With health insurance, individuals get peace of mind knowing that they are covered in the event of an unexpected illness or injury.

Health insurance also contributes to economic growth by reducing medical costs for families and businesses, which can help free up resources for other important expenses and investments. Consequently, the government recommends that all Edo residents enrol with the Edo Health Insurance Scheme and avail themselves of the manifold advantages.

The commitment of the Edo Health Insurance Commission towards advancing the health and wellness of Edo residents through its various initiatives, including the GetFit with EDHIC program, is praiseworthy.

The government plans to host another edition of the GET FIT with EDHIC program. The government will communicate details to the public soon. Edo State residents must seize this opportunity to enhance their well-being. The government encourages them to acquaint themselves with the advantages of the Edo State Health Insurance Scheme.

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