Michael Ogueke urges refrain from Bigotry under guise of ethnicity

Michael Ogueke talked about avoiding bigotry and violence in the name of Tribal, religious or ethnic groups.

Author, political economist and social media influencer, Michael Ogueke talked about avoiding bigotry and violence in the name of Tribal, religious or ethnic groups. The Nigerian National is kjown for writing thought provoking and often hard-hitting thoughts on his social media. In his recent social media post, he pointed out the only thing special about the people of Nigeria is their country. 

Ogueke believes people have Primitive sentiments, religious fanaticism, ignorant prejudices, selfish parochial interests, greed, political opportunism. As per the professor, these emotions, are created by politicians and affect the people’s judgement. Accordingly, He believes that they robbed many of us of our consciences & thinking faculties. 


Professor Ogueke believes that the people will not progress until they can let go of their primitiive thinking. To add to his point, Ogueke noted that We must come to that truth, that the only thing special about us is Nigeria. It is not our government, tribe or religion. Then & only then can brains be reset & our march to a progressive society truly begin.

To further elaborate on his point, Professor Ogueke noted that When we count all the heroes of Nigeria, we look at:

  • patriotic leaders that helped build our nation, 
  • gallant members of the armed forces that are protecting our nation, 
  • achievers in sports, 
  • showbiz, 
  • academics, 
  • inventors, 
  • the professionals, 
  • business people and every other field of human endeavour. 

All communities of people in Nigeria have brought international glory, honour & respect to Nigeria. He asserted that the Hausas, Igbos, Yorubas & members of the other 350 ethnic groups & 2 major religions in Nigeria make up these honour lists. No tribe or religion contributes to more than the other.

Additionally, Professor Michael Ogueke acknowledged that When we count our bad leaders:

  • corrupt public officers, 
  • looters of our treasury, 
  • embezzlers of our collective till

The members of these communities are all involved in equal measure in these allegations as well. He also talked about the crime and violence statistics in his facebook post. Accordingly, he observed that all the religious and ethnic communities have equal blame to share in that as well. Thus, he noted that the bigotry is nothing but juvenile ethnic chauvinism.

With this he urged the people to do better and refrain from bigotry


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