Timothy Nwachukwu publicizes advices for Gov Umahi on Social Media

Ambassador Timothy Nwachukwu, has come forward on his social media to express his advices to the Governor of the Ebonyi State with the help of a post.

Good governance Advocate, Political Analyst and Media and Communication Aide of Gambo Manzo, Ambassador Timothy Nwachukwu, has come forward on his social media to express his advices to the Governor of the Ebonyi State with the help of a post.

The post, post itself is designed in the form of questions. These are complaints that the Ambassador and Good governance advocate has with the Governor of his home state.


He believes that the most significant legacy the Governor of Ebonyi, David Umahi will leave behind is a free and fair election that will allow Ebonyians to choose who will take over from him.

Starting on his list of complaints, Timothy Nwachukwu revealed that someone needs to tell the Governor that “Godfatherism” has never been a success story in South East. According to the Good governance advocate, Successive Governors across South East often relegate their godfathers to the dustbin of history.

Nwachukwu wanted to tell Governor Umahi that many youths who participated in Ebonyi End SARS Summit are still wishing and hoping he will fulfil his promises. Through this question, he expressed his wish for the Governor to complete the said promises.

He further hopes to tell the Governor through his post that lifting the prohibition on civil service employment is Better than recruiting thousands of Liaison officers, as he has announced recently.

He brought the Governor’s attention to fact that the Many Commissioners and political appointees in Ebonyi cannot afford to send their children to King David University of Medical Sciences. This situation is despite their being financially stable.

He explained that, in light of this, the brilliant children of the poor who have no one to sponsor their education can never attend the school the way the government has priced the organization.


He pointed out that the prices were unaffordable even when the Governor and his teambuit the school by the lean resources of Ebonyi State.

He drew Governor Umahi’s attention to the fact that the south East security outfit, “Ebubeagu” established to protect Ebonyians, has become a terror to Ndi Ebonyi.

Timothy Nwachukwu reminded the Governor of Ebonyi, David Umahi, that Ebonyi traders are complaining bitterly over multiple taxations.

Additionally, he reminded the Governor that education in Ebonyi State among the primary and secondary schools needs to be revitalized. They need to be made accessible or affordable to the children of the poor.

He further insisted to the Governor to understand that the sycophants singing his praises to the high heavens without pointing out to him the areas he needs to listen to the citizenry are not helping him succeed

Finally, Timothy Nwachukwu has pointed out that he believes that dissenting opinion is aimed at keeping him on alert to serve Ebonyians whom he swore to protect and not to discredit his government.

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