Borno State: Unhappy Housewife confesses to killing husband

Borno state Police command arrested Fatima Abubakar for allegedly poisoning her husband. The suspect is a 25-year-old Nigerian Housewife.

Police operatives in the Borno state Police command arrested Fatima Abubakar for allegedly poisoning her husband. The suspect is a 25-year-old Nigerian Housewife. She was unhappy with her husband, the deceased Goni Abbah.

The Commissioner of Police of the Borno State Command confirmed the incident in Maiduguri. He has revealed that the operatives of the police force arrested the suspect on October 19 at Anguwan Doki.


Reportedly, the deceased victim, Goni Abbah, was the Chief Imam of the area. The incident took place after he returned from the mosque. Allegedly, the suspect, Fatima, was Abbah’s second wife. She gave him food suspected to be poisoned.

After consuming the food, the victim, Goni Abbah, began feeling extremely unwell. Following this, his family immediately rushed him to the State Specialist Hospital.

At the hospital, Abbah received emergency treatment from the doctors. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the poison.

The Borno Police received a complaint from the family of the victim at the GRA Police Station.

The commander of the Borno Police force has revealed that he sent a few men from the staff to arrest the suspect immediately after receiving a complaint from the victim’s family.

Reportedly, when the police officers arrived, they were greeted by many aggrieved family members assaulting and hurting the suspect. However, the police force was able to bring the situation under control.


Further, the sources report that the suspect, Fatima Abubakar, has confessed to her crime in her official statement. According to her account, Fatima bought the poison from Monday Market after she decided to kill her husband.

She revealed that she killed her husband because she did not want to stay in the marriage any longer.

According to Fatima, this was her second marriage. She revealed that she separated from her first husband because she hated (the institution of) marriage.

Additionally, she stated that the deceased did not mistreat her. Fatima said, “Anytime I wake up with the fact that I am married, it pisses me off.”

Further, she stated, “At some point, I had to run to my parents to demand an end to the marriage, but they always sent me back, asking me to be patient.”

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