Russia-Ukraine war: Invasion creates havoc in lives of Russian citizens

The war between Russia and Ukraine was continuing and was initiated by Russia this year on February 24. The invasion resulted in Europe's largest refugee crisis since World War 2, with more than 7 million Ukrainians leaving the nation and a third of the population becoming displaced.

The war between Russia and Ukraine was continuing and was initiated by Russia this year on February 24. The invasion resulted in Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War 2, with more than 7 million Ukrainians leaving the nation and a third of the population becoming displaced.

The attack on Ukraine by Russia under the directives of Russian President Vladimir Putin is possibly the initiation of the war in Europe on top of Russia’s order for an end to NATO’s eastward expansion. The beginning of the significant invasion by Russia of Ukrainians started with air and missile assaults on Ukrainian military targets before sending troops and tanks around the nation’s northern, eastern as well as southern borders. The Ukrainian military tried to fight back on many fronts but has been unable to save the entire country from the violence of Russians.


Russia is primarily infuriated and didn’t want Ukraine to become a part of NATO which is why it started sending its troops near the border of Ukraine, which was called ‘training exercises in the spring of 2021 and increased the number during the fall. The United States commenced to the hype that the Russians were trying to deploy their troops, and Vice President Joe Biden also threatened Russia with heavy sanctions if they attempted to attack Ukraine.

Russia wanted a legally enforceable vow from the US that NATO forces would not plan any military operations in eastern Europe, particularly in Europe. As per Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukraine is just a puppet of the US and was never an actual sovereign nation in the first place.

The war has caused destruction not only in Ukraine but also in Russia. Many lives have been lost, properties destroyed, civilians displaced, and the economy has also faced a downfall.

The unprovoked Russian invasion has caused death and widespread suffering to Ukrainian civilians and military personnel. Over 7.1 million Ukrainians have been displaced, and around 5.3 million have crossed borders and become refugees in other European nations. The war has resulted in a huge humanitarian response, but Russia’s assault is still intensifying, and the time is running out.

Not only Ukrainians but also Russians are facing the wrath of President Vladimir Putin, as they are not being allowed to exercise their right to speak against the war. The Russian citizens who are against the ideologies of President Putin and give their statements against it are put in jail and are punished merely for speaking what they think is right. Since the invasion, over 300,000 Russian citizens and residents are assessed to have left their country by mid-March 2022 as political refugees as well as economic migrants because of a desire to escape criminal prosecution for exercising their right to free speech regarding the invasion.

Russians are being hated by people all over the world, whether or not they are in favour of the war. Because of the fact that they belong to Russia, people look at them with evil eyes and think wrong of them.


The invasion of Ukraine has placed Russia on the point that it may go bankrupt. Interest rates have multiplied, and the stock market has shut down.

The military prices of war have been increased by an exceptional level of international sanctions, sustained by a huge coalition of nations. Russian citizens are facing huge levels of problems because of the war initiated by their president.

This is why Russians are being forced to leave their country to lead a normal and peaceful life. Russians are encountering political repression, forced military service, as well as closed borders. Although in spite of clearing their stand, they are being bullied because of their nationality.

The world has made a hole of isolation around Russians as they are seeking humanitarian assistance from other nations but are getting huge rejections as most of the asylums refused to provide shelters to the Russians because of their country’s ongoing war with Ukraine.

In this situation, Russians have a way out through alternative citizenship. Many countries around the world are providing alternative citizenship in exchange for an investment through which individuals will get the chance to live as legal citizens. Through citizenship, individuals could enter numerous other countries where they can live without threat.

The citizenship by investment programme provided by different nations stands out as a viable choice with its geographical location as well as the benefits of becoming a global citizen and their neutral stand between Russia and Ukraine.

The main reason that it is the best option for Russians is that they will get security and safety for their families as the future remains uncertain in Russia. They will get the chance to start their new life, which will open new routes to the global market through which they could expand their businesses.

The countries providing alternative citizenship also conduct proper due-diligence checks to check whether the investor is legitimate.

Economic citizenship is the last option for Russians to start a new and free life. The Russia-Ukraine war is a political drama, and citizens of both countries are suffering unnecessarily, and it should be an alarming situation in the world that human life still matters.

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